Alan Wake Continues to Tease

On Friday, Remedy's community manager posted a small snippet of text from the game, giving a glimpse into the game's plot and reassurance that Alan Wake is still on the way. Two new sections of text have been added in recent days.

The last note posted initially appears to be a garbled mess of letters, but Alan Wake forum users quickly translated it.

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Parappa The Rappa3549d ago

*whistles* yeah baby. show me what you working with :)

SupaPlaya3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )


Oh noes phantom disagrees!!

SL1M DADDY3548d ago

This game surface for a quick tease each time Sony is about to release a great looking exclusive? Heck, we saw it when Uncharted was released, we saw it when MGS4 was released... We saw it when LBP hit it's media stride and now we are seeing it again when KZ2 is about to debut... It all just seems so odd since last I knew, we have yet to see some actual footage run on 360 hardware of Allan Wake.

I want to see the game badly but to be honest, it seems like the game is being used as a media stunt these days.

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Nelson M3549d ago

It sat in the corner of my flat, i sat in the other
To afraid, the red lights from my previous one still haunt me
Just got it back, dare not switch it on
was i dreaming, or was i awake
Waiting for the day of Alan Fake
I crawled across, picked up my pad
Pressed the Green button, Trembled with fear
As i was bent over crawling, my Bot Flatmate took me from the Rear

Nelson M

Harry1903549d ago

Wait More.

That's it, that's the message.

rawd3549d ago

More PC footage, can't wait!

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