10 Video Games That Should Be Considered Modern Art

Michael Swaim of writes:

"As a lifelong gamer, I've often been in the awkward position of defending my hobby to a roomful of sneering artsy types. Although, to be fair, I do attend a lot of wine and cheese mixers at the New Yorker offices. Nevertheless, it's an experience we've all had to confront. Whether it's coming from our parents, our local clergymen or the critical voices in our own head, at some point we've had to systematically justify the act of spending thousands of hours manipulating an eight-button machine to no demonstrable effect."

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Gambit073525d ago

Not a bad list of games, but honestly, I think art is all about perspective, for me the closest to art is Linger in Shadows, Flower is another good example, but I think it's still doesn't qualify, because it actually has a goal to achieve, in other words gameplay. I'd say a game like Ico or SoTC are more of a classic game then art. Just because a game has a weird art style or wackiness doesn't mean it's an art piece, like I said it's all in your mind.

grantps33525d ago

i would think that littlebigplanet would be on it