Yet another Square Enix DS title fails to chart in Europe

Heads at Square Enix Europe must be shaking as mere weeks after Chrono Trigger DS struggled to perform on its first European release Dragon Quest V has also failed to interest European audiences, failing to chart in the DS top 40 on its week of release according to Chart Track, UK chart experts.

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TheColbertinator3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

They are releasing godamn 10 year old games!

SE needs to focus its resources and manpower on new experiences and innovative titles.They are just getting what they deserve for their laziness.They are milking the FF and DQ license to unparalleled heights.

They can't even make an original RPG that can get past a 9 on a single review.Not counting Chrono Trigger because that was just a remake.

The only announcement they have made in the past few months which satisfied me was that DQ10 would arrive on the Wii

SpoonyRedMage3619d ago

I repsectfully disagree this release of DQV is the first release in English and it's got upgraded graphics, looks fantastic.

Most of their new and innovative seem to go unloved; The Last Remnant, Song Summoner, even The World Ends With You even though it's got a metacritic score of 89 and is regarded as one of the best games for the DS.

Dragonquest Monsters: Joker also had a lot of change, good ideas and excellent design, it also got good reviews but hardly anyone's played it.

MisterNiwa3619d ago

That comes when you f*ck around with europe gamers Square Enix, we are always the last ones, rite?

Bunch of assh*les.

FarEastOrient3619d ago

I agree, waiting till 2011 for Final Fantasy XIII that's bull. That means the game would be in development for seven years since work began on FFXIII in 2005. Here in Asia we are kind of pissed at stupid delays caused on Dragon Quest, even though it isn't using any higher tech than the PS2 Dragon Quest VIII.

PS360WII3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

DQIX is taking so long because they made it an action rpg but had to remake it back to a turn based game. That's why it's taking so long and had all those delays

SpoonyRedMage3619d ago

I thought Dragon Quest was more popular than Final Fantasy in the east, it's certainly bigger in Japan.

PS360Wii is also correct about why it's delayed.

eagle213619d ago

Chrono Trigger is still a must play by any RPG fan!

IzKyD13313619d ago

And most have already played the PSOne version, a DS rerelease for every Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest (and chrono trigger as well) is the definition of milking a franchise

ps921173619d ago

Congrats SE hope you go bankrupt soon.

SpoonyRedMage3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

I can't believe that, the games on the handhelds are ace and MisterNiwa I agree with you about the past but most modern releases have been within a few days, DQIV we got before America! CT on the other hand was two or three months after.:(

and ps92117 why all the hate? because they betrayed your precious Sony? They are still developing for Sony machines you know, the PSP games are really good.

@V: I agree it's amazing and whilst they could have made it more graphically appealing, that isn't really what DQ is about, I mean it's only since Level 5 started doing the development that it's been good graphics.

Baka-akaB3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Nothing to do with that in my case here . They shut down a pretty nice 3d pc remake project by amateurs , then sit on their asses with the franchise for years ... with almost no one from the chrono trigger or cross staff still around at SE .

And finally now they decided to do a port of the game with basically nothing new and not even improved graphics .

I'd say just play it on emu , especially if you already bought it in the past .

SpoonyRedMage3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Oh you meant Chrono Trigger, not DQ V. My mistake then.

I kind of agree but I don't think they wanted to mess around with it too much because even just the script improvements were negatively recieves, imagined if they did change the graphics! I do think they should have let the PC remake be finished though, heck they could have took as a chance to employ some new talent. Missed oppurtunity there.

EDIT: I hadn't bought it before(being in England) and I'm not really big on the ROM scene(got nothing against it I'm just paranoid so I don't want to get into it) so I was happy with a port, but it could have been better.

ps921173619d ago

Yes that is exactly the reason why, problem?

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