Age of Conan In Russia And Poland

Things are looking up for FunCom with an announcement today that its MMO 'Age of Conan' has launched in Russia and Poland.

1C and CD Projekt will make the game available in Polish and Russian respectively. AoC looks to be doing well now, not only are players spending more time in-game, the company has also seen a significant improvement in subscription retention, something that was severely lacking when the game first launched

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Maticus3525d ago

I'm glad, FunCom really have put their heart and soul into this game. Good luck to them.

thetamer3525d ago

Ohh, let's hope localisation will help save some of the servers.

Maticus3525d ago

It can only be good news for the game in my opinion. If they're willing to shell out for that things can't be that bad.

AndyA3525d ago

Surprised it's taken so long.

Medievaldragon3525d ago

Competition with Blizzard in Russia. That's gonna be an interesting customer numbers match.

Dorjan3525d ago

AoC have been really bad with delivering things...

Maticus3525d ago

They're doing a lot better now

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