GamePro: Star Ocean: The Last Hope Review

Constantly forced into the massive shadow of the Final Fantasy franchise, tri-Ace's Star Ocean has never really been able to shine on its own... until now. The fourth installment in the space-faring series, Star Ocean: The Last Hope, not only blows recent next-gen JRPGs out of the water, but proves itself a fantastic swan-song for the cult-favorite space opera.

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green3577d ago

Another great review.I hope i have as much fun with this game as i had with Lost Odyssey.

NaiNaiNai3577d ago

i know i can't wait. my 360 is on hold till this game comes out. XD this way i don't get bored of it. but im getting tired of playing MGS4 T_T

odisho683577d ago

I personally can't wait to add this title to my collection as will look very nice next to Heavy Rain, KZ2, Quantum Theory, Ratchet & Clank Future 2, Uncharted 2 and oh I forgot Mass Effect 2 ;)...

II Necroplasm II3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

What are you talking about Mass Effect 1 has not even been announced on the PS3 LoL.

Don't bother listning to all the media and believing everything you hear.

anyways, Damn this year of ultimate gaming is going so slow for the releases. Street Fighter 4 is awesome as hell but I want more Nextgen games!

kewlkat0073577d ago

Trying to finish Infinite Undiscovery before this one...

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DNAgent3577d ago

Then it will be ported to the PS3 with extras and fixed bugs.

OmarJA3577d ago

& that's why it flops...

sofocado3577d ago

Mass Effect 2? Well you will have to wait a long long.... time for Star Ocean and Mass Effect 2 on PS3.

Zeus Lee3577d ago

If only Gamepro didn't overrate games so much :(

Voiceofreason3577d ago

Zeus Lee - 8 minutes ago
2 -
If only Gamepro didn't overrate PS3 games so much :(

Fixed that for you. I know we were both thinking of the KZ2 review.

Bengoshi-San3577d ago

I'm still very skeptical, considering S-E's recent letdowns. So lets see what happens when the review flood flows from tomorrow to friday.

N4PS3G3577d ago

damn..why do people keep blaming square enix when this game was developed by Tri-Ace..ugh

ChampIDC3577d ago

Some people think SE is the only company that makes JRPGs it seems.

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