Rumor: New Zune in August to Feature Gaming

Gizmodo is reporting a rumor coming out of GDC that the new Zune will be out this August. To top it off it seems that the new product will even feature gaming.

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Bleyd4641d ago

The iPod already offers gaming. It has been for a long time now. This isn't new to this kind of device. This is merely catching up.

BIadestarX4641d ago

Gaming? You mean those piece of crap games that can't even match the original gameboy? Wait until people can play Uno against xbox 360 or PC users, see their gamertag, achivements, download and play xbox live gain via wifi. IPod overraded and people buy them because they think is cool. But when it comes to functionality they are the worst. Name one thing that the Zune or more MP3 players can't do that the IPod can do? Dude, the IPod dont not even have FM radio.
People buy it because it's apple, period. I have an IPod and a motorola and I see myself using the motorola one more due to the features.

PS360WII4641d ago

So this is what MS meant they are going to try a Nintendo approach. A new Zune to be released. Well I guess they better because the one they have out now really isn't selling that great. Plus they are tapping into the handheld area?! Dangerous move but like almost everyone on this site will say 'Who cares what it costs it's Microsoft.' While yes it's true MS has money that no other company has it's still losing money and no company likes that. Think about it I don't believe MS got those billions and billions of dollars by losing money from one hardware to the next.

THAMMER14641d ago

I have a Zune and they did that right. I just hope the thing will be worth it. Because if it has all the functionality of the Zune ut offers great games I'm there.