First Image from Codemasters New F1 Game… Sort of

GOONL!NE: "Codemasters have sneakingly released the first asset for the new Formula One game they have in development for the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360."

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creeping judas3528d ago

They better not make this a remake of pole position!!! We want some SIM from you codemasters!!!

Parappa The Rappa3528d ago


Speed-Racer3528d ago

This is also for the PC my friend

shagari73527d ago

Thank you God!! finally another Formula 1 game, been waiting so long to play after the Championship Edition on PS3 (mind you it's a good game just not many improvements from the last ones). At last i'll get to play the champion Lewis Hamilton, can't wait for it so i can do a double for Hamilton lol.

rekonizakilla3527d ago

I thought they just said that Hamilton was signed for EA. In my opinion studio Liverpool did a great job, and like Creeping Judas said we want a sim not an arcade game.

Gambit073527d ago

How many racing games do we need??

DERKADER3527d ago

The problem is that their are to many arcade style and need for speed racing games. And that GT5 will never come out.

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