GDC 07 Ferrari Enzo Gameplay HD

GDC '07 gameplay video of the Enzo Ferrari in Forza Motorsport 2 on the xbox 360. Coming along nicely.

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candystop4333d ago

That car looks pretty realistic and the damage done after the crash just looks insane!

MoonDust4333d ago

Everything else looks pretty good too.

BrotherSic4333d ago

Looks sooo much better than the screenshot posted alittle while ago.

Cant wait for this game

Antan4333d ago

My wheels at the ready! Gamespot mentioned the damage model isnt "totally" real. They mentioned bumpers flying off, dents etc etc, but this is far as it goes visually. Your car will still handle like a pile of $hite of course! Would of been great to of seen a complete mangled mess!! Roll on May!!

FirstknighT4333d ago

The greatest car sim ever created is almost upon us! FORZA 2 baby!

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The story is too old to be commented.