Gamers Temple Review - Kung Fu Panda: Legendary Warriors

The Gamers Temple writes: "I'll get this out of the way now - I never got around to watching Kung Fu Panda - the film that this game is based on. A new computer animated film with talking animals seems to come out every other weekend, so I never felt the need to dedicate the 90 minutes needed to watching something I've almost assuredly seen dozens of times before. That shouldn't matter, though; we are only talking about the game here.

Sadly, the game isn't all that great. It does have a somewhat familiar style of play, one that I've loved in the past, but doing the same thing over and over, coupled with completely obtuse and unresponsive Wii controls, has the game limping to the finish line. You spend most of the time in Legendary Warriors fighting wave after wave of enemies in relatively small arenas with uninspired boss battles topping off the action. Fans of the Power Stone series will feel right at home here, but unlike the one-on-one battles from that series, Legendary Warriors takes a beat 'em up approach. This makes the game feel like a 3D version of classic arcade titles like Turtles in Time, the Simpsons and X-Men. In one paragraph, I've managed to mention four of my favorite games ever, so a mix of their mechanics must be awesome, right?"

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