PlayStation Home to come out in the Fall

The centerpiece, a new service called PlayStation Home, is to become available to consumers in the fall, said senior game industry executives, who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the plans. PlayStation Home is meant to build on and surpass somewhat similar offerings from Sony's competitors Microsoft and Nintendo by allowing users to create persisting online identities that record players' achievements in different games. As players progress through a game, they will unlock various virtual prizes that they can then show off to friends and rivals, the executives said.

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jpod4643d ago

I'm hoping this will be good. can't wait for it myself, but i dont have a ps3, so i have to wait.

shikwan4643d ago (Edited 4643d ago )

For something you can have, NOW! ...Oh yea, cause it's gonna blow the 360 away...just like Sony's 'worldwide' launch, just like the PS3's launch titles, just like the games and the system itself and just like the Playstation network! : 0

PureGamer4643d ago

go away, we dont care go play your ultimate games console if its so good. This looks amazing and it looks like people who dont have a PS3 are jealous already.

nix4643d ago (Edited 4643d ago )

boy... did you just pee in your pants? you stink!

DC RID3R4643d ago

shane from the latest 1up show, seems VERY optimistic. He reckons "home" could be something special. we'll see

BrotherSic4643d ago (Edited 4643d ago )

To be fair, Shane is a huge Sony Fanboy, if he had reviewed Motorstorm on 1Up it would have got high 9's if not a 10.

I agree it could cool but it probably not something i would get in to. However i think most people are overlooking the fact that achievements are coming. That is alot more important than houses and a furniture.

One issue i would like to get opinions on is...

do you guys get achievements to simply get better at the game, completely finish the game etc?


do you get achievements to show off to your friends?

'update' - is fall too long to wait? i will be interested to see how many features will be usable at launch.

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The story is too old to be commented.