Tekken 6 - Law vs Feng Gameplay video

A new gameplay video from Tekken 6 featuring the fight between Law and Feng. Enjoy.

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Supercalifragili3522d ago

Let´s wait and see if this game could be better than Street Fighter IV.

Cwalat3522d ago

IMO, It will... (please don't eat me for this)

Tekken controls scheme, depth... eats Street Fighter IV in every way possible.

Street Fighter is basically for those who really wanna relive those awesome arcade moments, and IMO it does deliver on that... But nothing else. It's just too arcady for me, i like more depth.

As soon as Tekken 6 arrives i will never touch Street Fighter IV again... Tekken .. IMO.. eats street fighter series...

remember... IMO

diefor3522d ago

@Cwalat please. SF IV is simples the best beat'n up in this century.

Mandaspt3522d ago

it´s a different game, I think Tekken 6 its more for casual gamers.

PotNoodle3522d ago

This reminds why SF is so good, there is little depth to tekken, isn't as much technical skill required.

I'll probably still get it though.

Kushan3522d ago

I'm sure it'll be a great game, all the Tekken games are, but to say SFIV lacks "depth" is silly. Part of Street Fighter's charm is it's apparent simplicity, but look a little further and you'll see just how deep the game really is in terms of the combos you can pull off.
Somehow, it manages to strike a balance between casual and professional play, where anyone can pick it up and enjoy it no matter what their skill level.
Still, they're two very different styles of fighter.

Dark General3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

I havn't really played Tekken since Tekken 3 and them embracing button mashing to the extreme with Eddie. I never went back to Tekken after that. I've played a few rounds here and there but never played it like back when it was huge at the arcades. And from the looks of it Tekken 6 looks like a juggle fest "I know the 10 hit combo by heart". Not interested. Now if only Namco gets their act together by deepening Soul Calibur 5.

I probably won't be getting SF4 anytime soon because 1: It's sold out and 2: The inevitable SF4: Turbo Parry edition. Though i'am looking forward to KoF 12 and BlazBlue. 2D sprite hotness. Even though i haven't played KOF in a LONG time and i have never really touched Guilty Gear.

MNicholas3522d ago

between Solid Snake and Liquid Ocelot this looks like an N64 game. I'm sure they made a genuine effort but their engine is simply not in the same class as Kojima's.

3522d ago
Le Idiotce3522d ago

Tekken is by far the superior fighter.
Every character has 100+ moves. Combos and combinations are in the hundreds per character. Add in the wall and you have 100 more combos.
If you feel Tekken is a button smasher, then its just your skills that’s lacking. Not the game.
Tekken leaves SF in the dust. SF is the same old 2d fighter where characters do these ridiculously 20 feet jumps. This is how you play Ryu people. Jump kick, low kick, jab, jab, followed by either sweep, fireball or supermove.
Man, this is how you played Ryu on Streetfighter 2. And the way you played him didn’t change between all the turbos, alphas, ex’s, movies, supers, and SF3. And it hasn’t changed in SF4 either.
There is no depth. This combo will destroy everything and everyone in the game. There is no depth. With Tekken, you cant do the same ridiculous 4 move combo on every character.

And that video absolutely rocked. Law and Feng are two of my favs. That law guy is absolutely insane. And the way they have redone Law to make him resemble Bruce Lee is awesome. His animation is brutal, makes him more badass and less cartoony.

Dark General3521d ago

I've probably been playing Tekken since you have if not longer. And while there are more combo's than in street fighter to say it has more depth because of how many moves is kind of. I don't know stretching things. SF3 you couldn't just pull off the same move(s) or else you'd get parried and eat a lengthy combo. Not to mention that on jump in's you could punish with shoryuken.

I'm not saying Tekken isn't deep but the main thing to do seems to get a juggle started and hit someone 8 times before they land. To be honest even though SF and Tekken are both fighters i don't really put them in the same realm of fighting games. SF i pit more in the Rival Schools, KOF, Samurai Showdown type of fighters. 2D fighters. And Tekken is more in the 3D Tekken, Soul Cali, DoA fighters. Soul Cali was the leading fighter in that pact for me. But SC4 just felt like a step back in the series.

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Supercalifragili3522d ago

By the way , anyone knows the release date?

Mandaspt3522d ago

The game will be released in this Autumn for PS3 and Xbox 360.

CDzNutts3522d ago

And I'm gonna have to retire on this. I need to see a brand-new, next-gen, not one movement repeats another, NO canned animations, fighting game.

I'm tired of all this re-hashed garbage. If you've never played Tekken before, dive right in. If you played it forever like I have, this is probably going to feel stale. Same Tekken, new coat of paint.

Mandaspt3522d ago

Completly agree with you, feel the same thing too.

hijacker3522d ago

this looks cool... i prefer the 2d fighting though (in 3d graphics) !!

SF4 ftw !!!

diefor3522d ago

this is more 2.5d, like LBP:

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