GDC: Larger XBLA games could affect pricing, says MS

The new size-cap increase for Xbox Live Arcade games could affect the price of titles on the service, Microsoft Casual Games manager Bryan Trussel has told CVG.

Speaking at the Game Developers Conference, Trussel said: "I think as you find that people make a very, very robust game with a lot of levels, a lot of art or a lot of music associated with it, you might see a correlation between some of the pricing."

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donscrillinger4642d ago (Edited 4642d ago )

this is nice because now we might see streets of rage 1or2 ,shinobi,the TMNT the arcade game from the 90s,xmen arcade game from the 90s,the simpsons arcade game from the 90s ,man this would be Sick!!!!!!!!!!fasho with 4player online and offline.lets knock out the comp MS these are key arcade game to have on your XBLA.i would be in heaven if this would happened also can someone get some pics of ALL-PRO FOOTBALL 2K8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PSN Starfleets4642d ago

Why don't they charge less for current XBLA titles and with the larger titles, charge as the same as we are paying now e.g. no more than 800 points

uuuunvnv24642d ago

dont you think that if someone spends more money and time on a game they should be able to charge more? there is nothing wrong with raising the price as long as its worth it. the TMNT and Simpsons game should be more than 800 points.

nirwanda4642d ago

Think about it all those live arcade games that ain't going to get bought a little bit of advertising at the start of the game like this game with made free only with the power of duracell or pepsi or if they could give you the choice of paying 400 with ads or 800 without for the new stuff anyway i'd be interested to see which game made the most money uno and geometry wars or luminaries

Keyser4642d ago

No doubt. I wouldn''t mind seeing a couple of Pepsi adds to save me a few bucks...