Intelligent middleware from Vicious Cycle is now available on PlayStation 3

Vicious Cycle Software Inc., a premier developer of interactive entertainment software, today announced that Vicious Engine, its comprehensive, easy-access suite of tools for cross-platform development, is now a licensee of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.'s PlayStation 3 Tools and Middleware License Program.

Easy to use and all-inclusive, the Vicious Engine provides developers with an effective middleware solution for games across an array of genres and platforms.

"By taking advantage of the advanced processors and rendering capabilities of the PlayStation 3, the Vicious Engine can maximize a game's potential," said Eric Peterson, president at Vicious Cycle Software. "The Vicious Engine allows developers to create stunning and visually rich game content without having to worry about engine specifics."

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Keyser4244d ago

This will be very attractive to developers out there looking to appeal to the PS3 audience. Perhaps they may even bring back Elveon, nah probably not. But here's to dreaming.

kornbeaner4244d ago

the software tool that make the PS3 easier to access sooner.
There for PS3 owners don't have to wait that long for all developers to tap to the power of the PS3.

Means more games with great graphics sooner.

Great move SONY.

_insane_cobra4244d ago

Vicious Engine also supports Xbox 360 and Wii and AFAIK there are versions for last-gen platforms as well.