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Killzone 2 is a great game. Unfortunately, that is all it is. "How is that a bad thing?" you ask. Well, it's a bad thing because people were expecting Killzone 2 to be an amazing game, and it's not.

When Guerrilla unveiled their target video for Killzone 2 back in 2005, the gaming community stood still. The video looked like any regular CG sequence; with the exception that it was projected in-game footage.

So, did it live up to 4 years of media hype? Is it the best looking console game released to date? Is it worth buying a PS3 for?

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jkhan3577d ago

"Killzone 2 is a great game. Unfortunately, that is all it is. "How is that a bad thing?" you ask. Well, it's a bad thing because people were expecting Killzone 2 to be an amazing game, and it's not. "

I stopped reading after that. Well if thats the case then Halo 3 should have been given 5/10 because people were expecting it to cure cancer and it didn't. This statement is true for every other game out there.

Daz3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

i think someone got hate for a 2007 game. good for you..

ITS A GAME. remeber that, dont get your knickers in a twist.

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Alcon3577d ago

I don't care about the score, but what I don't understand is how journalist get carried away by hype (expecting who nows what from the game(s)) and then be of course dissapointed. How stupid can you be. As a person first, but most of all as a gaming journalist, not beeing able to distiguish hype from fact, or just not pay attention to the hype, then you don't deserve to review games. There have been so many games, being hyped to death, znd while being very good or excellent, did of course not live up to the 'hype', so if by now you don't know that hype is not equal to facts, then you should retire from gaming journalism.
I cannot stand reviews mentioning the hype. Hype was not something created or talked about by the creators of the game(s), but by gamers or fanboys. It's not as if the creators said the game would do something, and in the end it did not (only then I would understand the dissapointment).


nothing to do with killzone..

that statement is true of most games, but not every game.

dead space, every one thought it would be ok or less ( being that it's an EA game ) and it turned out to be amazing ( for a horror game )

just saying.

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jkhan3577d ago

I don't have hate for Halo 3. I own it & I played it thrice. Nobody mentioned Halo 3 piss-poor graphics or the lack luster campaign or short campaign, Was halo 3 fun to play hell yes, was it all it was hailed to be? not even close. Same applies for COD4 campaign but nobody mentions it. All I am saying is all games should be judged on the same merit, don't you think so?

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Dimitri3577d ago

It's a PS3 exclusive. All those sites giving Killzone 2 7/10 for graphics are pure fanboys who are jealous because they wont get that game on their 360s.

Milky Joe3577d ago

I getting really disillusioned with the whole 'game journalism' thing. About 10% of it is made up of reputable, non-biased, PROFESSIONAL people and the rest is fanboys with some cheap server space who reckon that game journalism is just a case of playing a game for an hour or two then writing up a knee-jerk reaction, or making up some BS about something to either stand out from the crowd or to support your system of choice.

It would be so easy for me to start up my own little website, write up some inflammatory BS about Gears of War or Killzone to get some hits, do some reviews about games I've maybe played the demo for and then I'll be on my way to being a big game's journo.

I've been thinking of setting up a pi ss-take site just to see how successful I can become by being a biased, unprofessional fanboy. I think I'd do pretty well.

badz1493577d ago

Not again! this is another example of a stupid review! if everyone goes the way this stupid reviewer is thinking, not a single hyped game deserve to get even a 9! what did this stupid reviewer expected KZ2 to be? the second coming or something? or may be a FPS game that so revolutionary that you get to be 'in' the game and bleed real blood and kill real people?

come on...everybody knows that KZ2 is just another game in the FPS genre but a very good one at that and has a very high production values! this review is more like how KZ2 dissapointed his expectations...but what other game is out there that really match KZ2 in his opinion? it's the best looking game on any console to date hands down and even brings most PC games to shame with the gorgeous graphic, excellent physics, 2nd to none death animation + bullet detection and multiplayer mode that is promising to be one of the best available out there!

I'm not saying KZ2 is perfect but to bash it like no other game before is pretty unfair from the reviewers side! I don't really care for the score but the reason for the score is what I'm not satisfied with! you wanna be harsh? be fair and harsh to all games not just certain games because it's not on your system of choice or simply because you are a retarded fanboy!

II-Reaper-II3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

Guys dont click on the full review and give this site hits.All the important reviews r in and they are spectacular.There r still some unknown websites that r trying to get attention and gamespot too.Fanboy journalists and Xbots just need to get over the simple fact that PS3 owners are getting one of the best if not the best FPS this generation.GET OVER IT!!

TheTwelve3577d ago

You can add 1 point to every single Killzone review out there, because so many websites are using this game for hits by taking 1 point away from what they would normally and fairly give.


King_many_layers3577d ago

I shall now never go on that sight again.

originality 6
Sound 7
graphics 8

originality 2.5
sound 7.8
graphics 8.8

anybody think there's something a bit wrong here ??

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miasma3577d ago

I wasn't going to read it, but i did anyway, some good points were made and explained. I did like reading his opinions of the different weapons. The only thing that did concern me was the mentioning of the environments lacking imagination and having a bit of sameness. I am on the fence about that because it could go either way, good or bad. When I played Gears2 the environments you play through changed so much it kept it a little interesting, but for me it ended up feeling disjointed and carnival like. Now don't get me wrong I am not comparing this to Gears, but sometimes "sameness" can work very well for a game. Although after reading it, it's like anything else, an opinion nothing more nothing less.

DARK WITNESS3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

i kind of agree with you.

to me ( just my opinion ) the only thing i want to influence the environments in the game is the story, the theme of the game. it needs to be consistent with the story.

to me ( again personal opinion ) i got the feeling that with gears 2, cliffy in his bid to make it "bigger and more bad arse" he threw everything in one big melting pot including the kitchen sink ! hence somethings felt out of place.

I have not played killzone, but i know it takes place on a planet, there is a theme and an art style ( just like in the real world, cities tend to have their own look and feel ) as long as its consistent with the story, i don't mind all the stages having the same look.

that does not mean the actual level design can't change and be innovative, but i don't think the overall feel should change. I got a lot more pissed off with dev's when they just change the look of something, just for the sake of changing the look when its not consistent with the story. for example they do it a lot with weapons in games.

anyway, killzone 2 is not out, but in a few days it will be and then the only opinion that will matter will be mine.

miasma3577d ago

just about everything you mentioned is spot on how I feel as well, good on ya. Oh i like when there is change, don't get me wrong. As a matter of fact, a good example of "bigger and more bad arse" for me would be GOD 1 & 2, they are good examples of getting bigger and more epic, but it is done very well and feels well balanced because of the ever advancing storyline, the storyline is getting bigger and more epic. It takes a talented dev team to do it and get it right.

cellfluid3577d ago

4 more day until the gamin indestury kneel b4 the mighty killzone2... bow b4 the great 1 bow imbersel