Alexander Ovechkin Lights The Lamp With NHL 07

Washington Capitals rookie phenom Alexander Ovechkin has signed with Electronic Arts (NASDAQ: ERTS) to be the cover athlete and spokesman for its EA SPORTS(TM) branded NHL® 07 game. Drafted first overall in the 2004 NHL entry draft, Ovechkin lived up to his potential and put forth the 3rd most prolific rookie campaign in NHL history. Exceeding his freshman status, Ovechkin made his presence known by finishing the season third overall in the league for points (106), tied for third in goals (52), and first in shots (425).

"To me, I feel that I have you arrived in North America when you make the cover of a video game," said Ovechkin. "I have been playing EA SPORTS games for years and am honored to be a part of the NHL® 07 team."

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PS360PCROCKS6371d ago

hell yeah this guys so damn good


Linux Community UnitesTo Fight Microsoft.

Two groups committed to the adoption of the Linux operating system announced that they will merge on Tuesday, streamlining operations to standardize Linux and give it a stronger presence in the battle with Microsoft Windows.

The Open Source Development Labs will combine with the Free Standards Group to form The Linux Foundation. With both groups united, the Linux community hopes it can consolidate its resources and compete with rival Microsoft in the operating system space more effectively.

Sphinx6158d ago

It's like this is seriously some kind of battle or war. Get a frikkin' life, people.

Marriot VP6158d ago (Edited 6158d ago )

This is like having an elementary class trying to overthrow the government. Seriously it's just an OS.

Linux geeks, "lets go gang!!"

shikwan6158d ago

Pick up a PS3 to help kill MS!

PS3 fanboys are SERIOUSLY....getting desperate!

FordGTGuy6158d ago

is the day hell freezes over.

nice_cuppa6158d ago

dont need to as said above.

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