Killzone 2 gets mixed up with Crysis in the Cryzone

What happens when you take the best looking PC game of all time and cross it with arguably the greatest looking console game of all time? Well, you end up with a hybrid of excellence that would make any gamer's jaw drop. A clever mod specialist has taken the Killzone 2 2005 CG trailer and recreated it within Crysis. The end result is a thing of beauty and deserves to be recognized. Please note that this is still a work in progress.

We've included the video below and a screenshot after that.

Helghast Slayer5534d ago

That looks surprisingly good. Although i must admit after seeing the innovative killzone2 death animations these ones look like sh!t. The soldiers look way too much like the helghast. No harm done, it's actually free advertisement for Killzone2 lol. keep it up Crytek.

TheIneffableBob5533d ago

This was made by a modder, not Crytek, though I'm sure the modder would be very flattered by your comment.

jaffa_cake5534d ago

wow crysis death animations really suck. Killzone 2 smokes this and thats saying a lot.

killzone 2 has a more immersive experience then crysis

Lich1205534d ago (Edited 5534d ago )

Thats debatable since Im assuming you've never played Killzone 2 all the way through. Killzone 2 is set up linearly with a lot of scripted events. Which are very well done so it does add to the Immersion as you say. Crysis on the other hand had next to no scripted events as I remember playing through it. Its really just a different style of gaming. Keep in mind Im not knocking KZ because I played the beta and loved it, but Im not sure Im prepared to say it out does crysis.

Also, crysis didn't have death animations. The bodies just reacted to the physics of the killing blow. This has its ups and downs as some of the things the helghast do when you kill them are very cool.

Edit: Again with the disagrees... let me know what you guys are thinking, Im curious.

SL1M DADDY5534d ago

There are many here that would be considered by us gamers as fanboys that simply toss out a disagree or two with no reason behind them. You get that a lot here. It's just a common practice amongst users here.

DeadlyFire5533d ago (Edited 5533d ago )

Crysis and CryEngine 2 are far better looking than KILLZONE 2. As far as the experience goes that is left up to the developer and the player. KILLZONE 2's engine might have a few added effects, but CryEngine 2 still tops all with graphics. This mod is a wip as well. Not done yet you know.

This concrete.
Doesn't look better than this?

Fact is that the PS3 uses Open GL 2.x which is roughly equated to DirectX 9.5 or so. Open GL is always a step behind DirectX. Run Crysis on DirectX 10 with everything maxed out and look around. Might be a bit laggy with bad frames, but its amazing to look at. There is a slight edge to the graphics that CryEngine 2 holds over KILLZONE 2.

thor5533d ago

DeadlyFire you're right that Crysis looks better than Killzone 2 but the ONLY reson that's the case is because PCs have a lot more graphics processing power and memory and so can handle higher resolution textures/more particles/more antialiasing.

It's NOTHING to do with OpenGL vs directX. Killzone 2 uses its own proprietry graphics API, bypassing OpenGL altogether (I forget where I read that but I think it was on one of the "ask the dev" threads).

So yeah, Killzone 2 adds a few effects, and THAT'S what counts, because aside from added effects, Crysis can look as good as you want it to look because with a good enough rig you can increase the poly count and texture resolution as much as you like.

TheIneffableBob5533d ago

This is a user-created mod, not a game with a $40 million budget.

Avto5533d ago

What do you guys mean when you say looks better what do you mean? for me Killzone looks better. Looks better is not the same as it has better graphics, GOWII looks better than 95% of PS3/X360 games but from the technical point of view, new games are better. You see looks(graphics) can be divided into
1)purely technical aspect this is to say technology, texture resolution, shadows and stuff like this.
2)art direction and design this one is usually very subjective, some like purple aliens in Halo others don't
3)execution this is how well the game runs in the end and on what hardware PC version of GTAIV fails miserable at this
So, Crysis has Killzone 2 mostly beat in the first aspect this is what we can say for sure and it loses on the third aspect, as a PC to run Crysis at good enough graphics settings has a far superior GPU and many times more RAM than PS3. The second aspect is up to you.

Powertesties5533d ago

I completely forgot how awesome the CRY engine is. That video looks amazing. Too bad Killzone doesn't look that good.

I may have to install Crysis again.

GameGambits5533d ago

I get this is pre-alpha that they are working with, but I honestly doubt no matter how much effort you put in trying to use the Crysis engine to make the 2005 trailer you will just fail by a long shot.

Killzone 2's Engine is vastly superior for an adrenline rush FPS full of set pieces that stand out. Crysis is more of a open world FPS like Far Cry if I'm not mistaken. Killzone 2 is more linear in it's campaign approach so they CAN make the eye candy stick out. In Crysis you have to go looking for it, but I can just walk around in Killzone and it's all around me.

Both try to make their games look amazing, but they use their graphics engine in completely different ways. Whoever made this needs to just shut his project down. You are wasting your own time.

kingOVsticks5533d ago

I agree the death animations in crysis suck, the killzone 2 animations are amazing in comparison. But the explosions and nature elements in crysis damn near blow killzone 2 out the water. Both are graphical bench marks to say the least.

GrandTheftZamboni5533d ago

Check the light from the rifle muzzle in the video:

there is no effect on the rifle itself. There is in Killzone.

Also, lighting effects/animation when firing the rifle looks pretty bad in this video.

gaffyh5533d ago (Edited 5533d ago )

I'm not going be a fanboy and say that this mod does not look good. It looks great, and environment-wise it is spot on with KZ2 environments. But Killzone 2 looks better than this.

Firstly the particle effects in this mod are not that great, there's just smoke everywhere, stationary, it's KZ2 not Turok!

Secondly the helghast models are too thin, they don't look as epic.

Thirdly, the reaction to the bullets is not as good in Crysis, in fact F.E.A.R. had better ragdoll physics for this in some ways.

Fourthly a few aesthetic problems, not enough blood, gun is too thin (obviously it hasn't been changed yet), also it doesn't look right because the gun isn't on the side, it's kinda centered.

Anyway it still is a very good mod, anyone that can do something like this deserves a lot of credit.

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xg-ei8ht5534d ago

Still looks good though.

Crysis still beats it in Scalable damage.

But in the way killzone2 feels, the weather, enviromental look etc, animations, yes killzone 2 does look better.

Ashton5534d ago

but I think for some reason KZ2 looks better than that.even the demo (which is an old built)looks better than that.

herbaldoctor75534d ago

i cant wait, it feels like christmas 27th of feb

Daz5534d ago (Edited 5534d ago )

hsi done well for a mod/map. its all about getting it right and there alot possible with crysis if your good enought.

pwnsause5534d ago

Crysis cant compete with killzone 2 when it comes to animations, especially the death animations.

cmrbe5534d ago

Particle effects and disructibility are just amazing in KZ2.