Source: PSP-4000 has sliding screen, is "complete aesthetic overhaul"

VG247 has learned that PSP-4000 does have a sliding front-screen, with a highly-trusted source confirming fresh details on the unannounced machine this morning.

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Microsoft Xbox 3603528d ago

I'd really like a clam shell design instead but I'd be OK with a design like the one pictured above.

PoSTedUP3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

maaan i just want another analogue stick man. how many times is one gunna upgrade a damn psp, just bring out the psp2 instead of wasting peopls money (casue you know stupid people will keep on buying the "newer" version when the truth is they could of included most of these features in with the first one) its just a damn marketing scheme. hence why i haven't bought one yet because then the "newer" one would come out right after and i would be stuck feeling like i got cheated out of my money or like i have the "dumbed down" version of something. its bull man, like i dont know when to buy a damn psp. if i get the 3000 now then the 4000 will be here with better everything and i would want that instead.

i feel like someone is gunna prove me wrong, then i would have wasted typing this pointless rant... #%&@

i couldnt care less though, f*** im going to bed... : /

Horny Melon3528d ago

PSP. I soooo wanted the white one, but it never came out, except with the lame star wars picture on it. I then wanted the red one, but was over the PSP for the most part.

Clam shell is a horrible idea. All my cellphones break the same way....getting bent the wrong way.

1ikedamaster3528d ago

@horny melon

I think he meant "DS" clamshell-style.

on topic/
If this is true, why not just call it PSP 2?

ThanatosDMC3528d ago

That concept doesnt look as portable and it seems too cumbersome to hold. No shoulder buttons either.

FarEastOrient3527d ago

SSD is still too expensive, it would be nice to use that for storing and it makes the battery last longer by not using as much energy.

@Horny Melon
There was a white PSP, they were released as a Special Edition FFVII and in the states it was released as a Special Edition Darth Vader.

Bnet3433527d ago

another one? Why buy 4000 series when 5000 is right around the corner. why buy 6000 ... etc. I gave up on PSP after I eBayed my Vader PSP. It's good for emu's, but that's it. DS is still the best handheld. I love my Japanese Coach on DS ...

XLiveGamer3527d ago

Hell yeah ! The one in the picture looks awesome. Uhhh what media its going to use?

I dont own a PSP because its... ugly and ridiculous. Im not interested. Trow that sh!t to somebody and he is going to pull out a gun. That sh!t its dangerous and can kill somebody!

Mini Mario3527d ago

I dunno bout this. Kinda looks clunky. I guess they wana make it more portable, but hmmm not too sure if this was a good idea. But hey time will tell, too hard to judge properly off a few screens.

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Max Power3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

also add a second analog stick, because that is more important then a sliding screen.

wait, a second analog stick isn't more important than a sliding screen? while it is a slick design i would just rather a second analog stick more.

Sanhlami3528d ago

second analog stick would make so much difference. a lot better for fps. Touch screen would be a nice feature as well. I hope they make it a lot ligher and smaller/thinner cause the current psps aren't pocket friendly enough.

PS3istheshit3528d ago

man this psp 4000 looks so awesome
if they do make this i might actually buy this
its seriously better looking than anything
its one of those things you whip out of your pocket so other ppl can see and feel jealous as $h!t
i cant believe how nice it looks man
wat a unique design
yup im buying it

Karum3528d ago

That isn't an official design, it's a fan made concept.

Sony haven't officially added anything.

Motion3528d ago

You'll have to wait until the psp2. The main reason for that, is then any games coming out that require the second stick, won't be playable on any of the other psp's.

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RememberThe3573528d ago

More games and a new design. The year of the PSP? I think so...

Silellak3528d ago

I'm kinda sick of the redesigns to be honest. This would be what - the 4th one?

Give me the PSP2 with backwards compatibility, please.

Minimox163527d ago

Yeah I'm totally agreed with you, they will be the next GBA :\ (GBA, GBA SP, GBA Micro, and the are all the same :\ ) with the PSP-3000 are just fine, i now the psp are a great handle console but a second with backward comp. will be a lot more, with 2 analog and better graphic support and a UMD mini blue-ray Disc maybe? :-P

Jonny Drama3527d ago

I hate it when people call it Blue-Ray.. It's spelled Blu-ray Effing n00bz i swear!!

SprSynJn3527d ago

This game will be on my "to buy" list for sure. Looks simply amazing, although simply is not a word I should use. More like decked-out amazing.

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rune1979dk3528d ago

I hope that design is (near) the final design. I really like it.

Are_The_MaDNess3528d ago

OMG not that design
all i can think of when i c it is broken screens
i h8 shiping stuff 2 repair lol
think of the retailers!

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