Videogamer: Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars - The Director's Cut Interview

Videogamer writes: "Charles Cecil and Dave Gibbons chat about the upcoming Director's Cut."

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onomix3527d ago

It was very fun to play through. The story was also very good.

christian hour3527d ago

Broken sword was AMAZING! Not so much the many sequels that followed, or its jump to 3d. I think it was one of the first games i've ever played that had Ireland featured in it. I couldn't wait to play that part of the game, then I found out its riddled with stereotypes and set in a town that has... well a pub. and some guy had a real flash lookin red car. Felt very out of place :P Haha.

I don't remember their heads coming up in boxes like that though. Might have to pick this up. For nostalgia sake.

monkpunk13527d ago

Awesome game, loved this when i first played it on ps1 many moons ago. Sounds to me like it could be too easy with the hints system though.

"As i picked myself up all i could hear was the ceasless drone of traffic. life went on around me but that explosion was going to change my life forever" The countless times i heard that whilst loading up the game.....Bring back the point and click adventure games i say...

wh0am13527d ago

My favorite PC game of all time!!
**** now i'm gonna need to get a Wii!!!