IGN AU: Little King's Story Hands-on

IGN AU writes: "While superficially cutesy and innocent, Little King's Story actually provides Wii owners with an experience that's somewhat uncommon on Wii – a game of considerable depth, scope and production values hiding behind a sugary presentation. The closest comparisons can be drawn to games like Pikmin and Harvest Moon, where elements of troop management and strategy action blend with farming, town planning and general exploration.

Set in a mock-European countryside, you play the eponymous 'Little King' himself – a fresh faced figure of authority who inherits a kingdom in the throes of economic woe. There's no money in the bank, there's almost universal unemployment and residents wander the streets aimlessly, just waiting for something – anything- to happen, or someone to give them some instruction. That's where you, the player, come in. It's time to revitalise your custom kingdom – starting with a fresh name and a focus on pure expansion."

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