Amazon Deal of the Day: Persona 4 for $25.98

The Amazon Deal of the Day for February 23rd is Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 for $25.98. Get it fast before the supplies run out.

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bym051d3522d ago

Awesome! Glad my PS3 plays PS2 games. Now off to finish P3:FES.

Jackel20723522d ago

I to am in the possess of finishing P3, Im currently 27 or so hours in. I think once i finish Persona 3 im going to take a little break before jumping into 4

dragunrising3522d ago

Do you need to play P3:FES to appreciate Persona 4? I don't want to miss out on any through backs to previous games :-p

Homicide3522d ago

You don't have to play Persona 3 before P4 to get into the story, but P4 will make some references to P3.

ceedubya93522d ago

And great game! I was getting knee deep into this before my PS3's DVD/BR drive bit the dust. :(. Oh well, definitely a good time to buy this game for those RPG gamers that were on the fence.