El33tonline Review: Endless Ocean

El33tonline: "When I first read about Endless Ocean I was intrigued - a game consisting of swimming around in the ocean looking at fishes and generally just taking it easy? Sounds great! When I mentioned the same to some friends they thought it sounded like boredom in a box and that I was crazy. If that's your response I'm not sure I'll be able to convince you otherwise, but in my opinion this is precisely the kind of game that tells me video gaming is maturing, diversifying and becoming a better form of entertainment every year.

You play as a diver, off to dive in the idyllic and highly diverse dive spots off Manaurai Island. To start off you select your diver's traits; this amounts to selecting a male or female, blonde or brunette and entering your name, so the customization level is very low (although you do receive another hair style or two during the course of play). Once you've made these momentous decisions you're off on your first dive to experience the restfulness of the Manaurai sea."

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