Major Nelson Podcast #309 : GTA IV The Lost and Damned (Part 2)

In this week's show, Major Nelson and co-host "e" interview Jeronimo Barrera about Grand Theft Auto IV The Lost and Damned, Tina Wood stops by to tell them about her latest project, and Major and "e" do Name the Game, Xbox 101, and more.

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DarkSniper3551d ago

Major Nelson is another imbecile who needs to be stabbed, shot and killed in the same burial grounds where the defective Xbox 360 consoles lay. Dark Sniper is personally disgusted of the false propaganda he spreads as if Xbox 360 is the truly the next saga of interactive entertainment.

This drunken journalism is the reason why gaming is viewed as a joke to the mainstream market. People such as Major Nelson spreading lies about such a meager system will be and have been exposed to the PLAYSTATION®3 infrastructure that looms over the masses.

Lost and Damned is a perfect description for Xbox 360. As that will be the fate of the console this year in 2009.


Bumpmapping3551d ago

I heard him and Trixie got it on ;)