Braid price cut to 800MP for a week, more cuts coming

DarkZero: During his latest weekly podcast, Major Nelson has confirmed that Microsoft will be kicking of a new 'Deal of the Week' promotion starting tomorrow (Feb 23rd). The deal will see many downloadable items from the Xbox Live Marketplace get their price cut for a week.

These sales will only be available to Xbox Live Gold members. Feel free to bitch now if that annoys you.

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Yi-Long3620d ago

... which will probably be pirated within hours.

Don't know yet if I'll buy it. It's getting rave reviews and heaps of praise thrown upon it, but I played the very short demo and it really didnt do much for me.

PirateThom3620d ago

I bought it and, while I did enjoy it, was a little let down. Maybe it was the hype, but it's a pretty standard platform/puzzle game with really nice artwork.

And I did like the demo, if you didn't, it's probably one to hold off on.

outlawlife3620d ago

my thought exactly, braid was pretty decent but it was basically mario on mushrooms

had the art style not been so outrageous i doubt as many people would have bought it

Dmitry Orlov3620d ago

I love Braid and don't regret I bought it for 1200points.
Braid makes you think - not jumping around kicking mushrooms.
When I completed it within a week I was really happy.
The only game I can compare the gaming experience with is Portal - astonishing and gorgeous.

lord_of_balrogs3620d ago

I've never tried an xbla before, I've heard Braid and Castle Crashers were really good though. I'll have to try the demo for both.

iNcRiMiNaTi3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

if the prices for portal and street fighter 2 HD remix lower to 800MS points for the week ill pick them both up in a heartbeat

s8anicslayer3620d ago

are you guys really that poor,or just plain cheap?

Yi-Long3620d ago

Can't speak for the rest of these guys, but I'm just very very cheap.

I'd like to explain more, but all this typing is wearing out my keyboard.

iNcRiMiNaTi3620d ago

its this damn recession. got laid off a month ago and its a b*tch tryin to get a job. and without a job, it sucks to be a gamer....especially now since all the good games are starting to come out. on top of that im paying for rent, food, electricity, college.

TOSgamer3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

I'm cheap and proud of it. Why pay more when I don't have to. I can use that money for something else. It's call being fiscally responsible. And its people who aren't that got us in this frickin' recession in the first place. But back on topic, I ain't a gold member so I guess I can't partake in this "sale". Here's my money MS. What you don't want it? Ok cool.

The Lazy One3620d ago

I never understood why M$ didn't offer much premium priced content to gold subscribers. It just adds more incentive to have a gold account, and doesn't lose too much money as u gain a paid subscriber.

outlawlife3620d ago

agreed, a price break on games for gold members FTW