Things We Can Ban Instead Of Video Games

A list of things that should be banned.

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xbox360achievements3529d ago

Ha ha. Trust Destructoid to go close to the bone with its opinions.

Great read though, although anyone who says a bad word against "soccer" deserves a slap, ha ha.

Carbide73529d ago

Yeah, they need tobacco in the list, Aaron Greenberg, that Valve guy, the Jonas Brothers, and if possible, Miley Cyrus.

Carbide73529d ago

Good list, except for Soccer, or should I say FOOTball, jeez, it's the most beautiful sport on the face of the earth.


valve guy?

at least know his name before you hate? what you hate him for?

Ryudo3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

They should ban all American's calling there messed up version of Rugby football however cool that sport is. I don't understand the mentality behind it. Football is where you kick a ball with your foot Foot-Ball its easy. Then America goes and calls a game where you carry the ball in your hands for a large part football?

Seriously ever rename it American-Rugby or think of something inventive handball? Stop holding the name football which clearly doesn't suit the sport hostage just because American's have to be different lol. As for banning the biggest sport in the world hell no. Although they should really make baseball bigger I love that sport. About the only real sport American's named right.

TheInCrediBleSulk3529d ago

and why would that be. its not like humans can make things better without religion. we all know what happened when that was tried....

Ryudo3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )


I don't want to get into a heated discussion over this Region is a messy topic, But the world has evolution for a reason. Region is terribly outdated now and is the cause of far to many wars. Simply put we arguably smarter and more evolved then the past human race, thinking we would make the past mistakes again and again is a nonsense.

Simply put for this world to truly become one we need to remove all divisions. The biggest thing holding humans back as a race at the moment is Region. Sure Region is the spawn of great things and great story's. But its also the spawn of more recent horrible things think World War 2?

Great point it "was" the building blocks of are past and we needed it then very much so. Do we still need it now is the real question and in my heart of hearts I honestly believe no.

See this is where I differ, its true them deaths could happen but I think even if they did that would make maybe 5 percent of the people killed through religion each year. And I don't know about you but if am told I get one life on this earth I will make the most of it.

No matter what way you look at it religion causes huge amounts of death most major wars or genocides are down to it. You can't honestly believe religion saves more lives then it takes. In modern life at least.

meepmoopmeep3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

while i don't support religious EXTREMISTS
religion was very important for human civilization

religion isn't a bad thing, it's the extremists that make it so.

i believe we still need it now and in future.
it's the hope and belief that's the important aspect of it.

if no one believed in anything after death and that there was no consequence for our actions
while we lived it could really hurt or effect society or social order.

sure, we could have laws as punishments while we are alive to keep us in line
but many people strive because of a belief.
without this belief suicides would be rampant, people would be even more selfish than we are today
and the list goes on.

it's the extremists that make it bad, not those who believe in the principles of their religion

if it isn't religion we're arguing and fighting over it's video game consoles :)

no, i agree with you. it causes as much harm as it does good.
but if it isn't religion, it will be something else, be it land, resources, whatever.
the best thing is to ban humans from existing. :)

Eiffel3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

Religion is giving someone something to believe and follow as a example to set them right as a good person. Also a lot of charity's churches hold benefit other places that need the money.

Religions have caused a lot of wars yes. But even without religion it would still exist and cause harm. A belief does not always need to be religious. People would still kill, murder, rape, pillage, destroy.
Humans just like animals are naturally violent. We have wars even now that are not even religious that cause just as much harm so you can't leave that out.

Religion should remain.

And I'm somewhat myself a Atheist but I'm willing to admit the truth.

Leathersoup3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

You can't be an atheist and then 'think' that religion is as great as it's made out to be.

Religion is a method by which people who don't want to know the truth make up things that aren't even plausible to explain what they don't understand. It's still around for the same reason that people buy the garbage shown to them on infomercials.

Gun_Senshi3529d ago

all wars are caused by relgion

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I love video games3529d ago

id ban ban lists, midgets' rights (i want to own a couple dozen of them), hot broads wearing pants, and umm to keep this comment about videogames ill have to say id also ban any more mario spin offs, halo spin offs, and metal gear spin offs. thank you good night!

Strikepackage Bravo3529d ago

To all you people who want to ban religion. First off how on earth would you enforce that?!?! You can't control what a man believes in his heart and soul. Further more, you try and ban Islam and billions would die, they would obviously die first and take everyone with them.

Besides, how are you any different from the religious nuts who want to tell others how to live, if you try and tell them who they can and cannot worship and believe in!? would that not make you just as big a nut as them? Everyone who has tried to ban religion was a complete blood thirsty nut in history, and the folks doing it now are nuts, so how is that any better than religion itself?

The only thing that needs to be banned is banning itself, quit telling me what I can and cannot do, leave me the f*ck alone and keep your laws out of my personal life, you guys sound like bunch of fascist for crying out loud.

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