Conduit mobile phone is a creative approach to mobility

Mobile phones have come a long way since Martin Cooper launched the first practical cellular phone in 1973. Nowadays, cellphones haven't remained devices of mere verbal communication, rather have transformed into a complete entertainment unit. Designed for SKY/Pantech, a Korean mobile phone company, the 'Conduit' by designer Tirshathah Hunter is an identical concept phone that will work as a mobile workstation, apart from being used as a regular phone. The Conduit wraps up three different devices, including a rollaway flexible display to create a PDA with stylus, a regular cellphone with camera and a slimline cellphone that breaks away from the other components, into a single dazzling unit. While used alone, the slim phone requires a scroll tool or voice commands for calls and texting. All we can say is the 'Conduit' is simply 'a creative approach to mobility.'

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