Climax could be working on Silent Hill for Wii

A notice on the website of Climax Group may point to a new Silent Hill title for Wii.

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kazuma3550d ago

please work on a new silent hill, team silent. we need you, these americans have ruined the franchise :(

Danja3549d ago

Silent Hill for the Wii if done right could be a great game,.....

I agree though SH5 was sorta crappy... :(

Counter_ACT3550d ago

Says nothing about Silent Hill or Wii...

Valay3550d ago

Erm, that's a bit true, but you have to read into it.

1) - "...refreshing take on the horror genre"
2) - Climax has worked on Silent Hill in the past
3) - Climax also has a job posting on their website relating to Silent Hill.

Counter_ACT3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Where's the job posting?

Valay3549d ago

Well, two of those three things that I mentioned were indeed in the article. I did add the last element for clarity, though.

SinnedNogara3549d ago

Sweet. If they did it right, I would buy it.

jorgeanaya0003549d ago

I always wanted to play a Silent Hill.

TriforceLightning3549d ago (Edited 3549d ago )

Although the article makes no mention of a Silent Hill game in the works, the fact that they have expressed interest in the Wii bolds well for the console.Lets hope its not a another Wii cash in, i.e Dead Space Extraction.Sorry EA, I kid.

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