Top Five Video Game Development Studios from Sony

Sony has the largest first-party development core in the industry, even bigger than both Microsoft and Nintendo combined. Here are five development studios from the core that represents the best of Sony.

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MasFlowKiller3577d ago

In a generation all bout multiplat game you know who is going a better job bringing on the games to the gamers

acedoh3577d ago

so many great studios you could have a top ten list... Although the PS3 has lost quite a few third party exclusives it's great to see so many experiences that are unique.

Jinxstar3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

True. I would have liked to see zipper in there simply due to Insomniac being 2nd party and not 1st... but still a good list. They at least know they are second party too so thats good I guess...

Freak of Nature3577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

True to a point,but not totally...Exclusives still carry weight...

No praticular order....But my favotite IP's are LBP,ICO/SOTC,Uncharted/Jak,Rat chet and Clank....just my personal favorites,but there are quite a few others that will appeal to others,a very good diverse list....

1 - Team ICO
2 - Media Molecule (LittleBigPlanet)
3 - Naughty Dog
4 - Insomniac Games
5 - Santa Monica Studios
6 - Guerrilla Games

StayHigh3577d ago

Not really because i want to see games that will bring out the PS3 power!!

mugoldeneagle033577d ago


Socom, like it or not, pretty much singlehandedly put the PlayStation 2 on the map in terms of online gaming.

Can't wait to see what they have in store for us with M.A.G.

lalalala3577d ago

As far as I know, Insomniac and Naughty Dog are 2nd party devs, i.e. they aren't owned by Sony, but have thus far only worked on exclusive titles for Sony.

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Cajun Chicken3577d ago

I'd swap Team Ico with ND. Because ND generally make good series with a fantastic artistic flair and have done since Psone. I'm not saying that Team Ico aren't as good, but they've only made two games so far.
I personally think Naughty Dog should have that top spot due to normally being the guys that show how making games for PS hardware is done.

Danja3577d ago

#1 spot belongs to Insomniac ....3 AAA Games in 2 years..and this year they will release there 4th game on the PS3 in 3 years...

grantps33577d ago


they just finished killzone and it sets the bar for graphics/animations and online.

get insomniac off (even though i love resistance 1. the second was okay), and put GG up there

mintaro3577d ago

When they've made more than 1 good game, then we'll see. But they are no where near the caliber of Naughty Dog or even Team Ico.

callahan093577d ago

Guerrilla has made exactly 2 games so far as a Sony first-party studio. The first Killzone, which was OK, and the PSP Killzone, which was very good, but just a handheld title. They've made Killzone 2 now, and it's inevitably a success both critically and in sales, and I'm so excited for it... but it's not out yet and the majority of us haven't played it yet. So, if you want to count it, that's ONE great game. ONE good game. And ONE decent game.

The five studios listed here all deserve to be there more than that. They've all made at least two great games, versus Guerrilla's single (that isn't even out yet). So, yeah... maybe in the future there will be room for Guerrilla, but not right now, in my opinion.

Aclay3577d ago

Nah, I don't really think that Guerrilla Games should be in the Top 5 yet. Don't get me wrong, they've done a good job with Killzone 2, but the other developers listed have MUCH longer history with Sony and have a very good track record over a long period of time.

I also agree in the order these studios were listed. Even though Team ICO has only developed 2 games, they have delivered some of the most memorable and groundbreaking games in the entire gaming industry, and I own both games ICO and SoTC and love them to death, and I think they deserve to be at the Number 1 spot.

SevWolf3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

If you scroll down the page of the link and read the written comments, they say that Team Ico shouldn't be number one and that they shouldn't be on that list and that Shadow of the colossus was one of the worst games............LOL

How the hell do they call themselves gamers, even if you don't like the playstation brand you cant deny that Ico and Shadow of the colossus are a coouple of the greatest games ever.


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Cajun Chicken3577d ago

Y'know what, here I am playing Wipeout HD and then I noticed theres a lack of Studio Liverpool up there.

@ Above
Are you serious abbout removing a developer from that list that has so far made 5 of the same platform game series without the formula getting old, having the first 3 Spyros and a really good FPS series with an alternate history for a developer that focuses on platform games...for a developer that has only made 2 games and has one which is still due to be released in the franchise?

prunchess3577d ago

I'm a big wipe out hd fan. Still playing it months later. Studio Liverpool deserve a place on that list.

Shaka2K63577d ago

LMAO Kidtendogs and Shamesoft slaves are RAPED! as usuall.

Sony and their innovative 1st parties FTMFW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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