The Good, The Bad, and The Shipping February 22 - March 1

Killzone 2 is finally here, but what else?

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TheHater3526d ago

other than Killzone 2 this week. Hell I might not buying another game until Infamous because I will be too consume with Killzone 2 and school.

Ryo-Hazuki3525d ago

Killzone 2 all the way....Friday needs to hurry up

dustgavin3525d ago

Yep. It is all about Killzone 2.

N4360G3525d ago

Killzone 2 is only five days away,I can't wait,I will play Killzone 2 until Infamous is released in May!!

Ghoul3525d ago

got it early

completet it on hard

love the game to the bone, best shooter ive played.

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Nelson M3526d ago

And like it needs to be said
But i'll Say it
Killzone 2

user39158003525d ago

Star ocean in the incoming week and the rest off the games are nothing short than garbage, yes killzone 2 its a copy cat garbage.

cain1413526d ago

Killzone 2 looks awesome...

VirtualKatz3526d ago

CAN NOT WAIT FOR KILLZONE 2, I already have it paid off at GS :)

3526d ago
TheHater3526d ago

Let him/her be the judge of that.

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The story is too old to be commented.