Awaken the giant: What can the Playstation 3 really do? writes:
"The Playstation 3 has been around for well over two years now and has definately found its stride in the gaming world. With some serious competition (Xbox 360, the gaming market is stronger than ever. Some of the greatest games ever created such as Metal Gear Solid 4, Resistance 2, Resident Evil 5, Warhawk, Burnout Paradise and countless others have helped to drive the Playstation 3 to super stardom.

Over the past 2 years, we have noticed a strong stigma following the PS3 console. It is a feeling that doesn't shake easily and while most of it is not true, word of mouth travels faster on the internet than anywhere else."

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Nelson M3527d ago

6ft Deep
And in can jump the Xbox
To be Buried Forever

xbollox3527d ago

and it dumps a giant smelly turd all over the competition
RIP 360: you are now officially buried where you belong


Sir Ken_Kutaragi3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Where are all the Negative(Made up by some xBot who has a Blog)bad PS3 stories on this site??? ;-D
It's 'KillZone 2' week!!! ;-D
When it was 'MGS4' week, was Hating the PS3 big time!!!
When it was 'LBP' week, was Hating the PS3 big time!!!(Again)
When it was 'Resistance 2' week, was Hating the PS3 big time!!!(Again, Zzzzzz)

Maybe the xBot Zombie DLC Lemmings are Crying to much!!! ;-D

+ The PS3 does all i want it to do!!! ;-P
It's AMAZING how SONY have made the PS3 Future proof...They are GODS;)

Bubbles for all PS3 Fans to;)

GWAVE3527d ago

Interesting article.

When you set aside your personal console choice, when you set aside the FUD and fanboy hate, and when you set aside the unrealistic notion of "Well....PS3 isn't selling as well as the PS2, so therefore it is fail", you can see that the PS3 is an absolute juggernaut that is just starting to come into stride.

The fact alone that it has gone toe-to-toe with the competition's sales while being "harder to program for" (a fallicy preached in 2007) and while having "no good gamez!" (another line preached in 2007) all while being at a higher price point is quite an amazing feat. PS3 is just getting started. Only haters will say otherwise.

Danja3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

good read and with games like..KZ2 , GOW3 ,Heavy Rain and Infamous coming up , Sony is really starting to prove everyone wrong who claimed the PS3 wasn't built with the intention of games being 1st in mind..

In my honest opinions the PS3 is the best game console on the market and will only get better with time just like the PS2....

Bubbles GWAVE... XD

3527d ago
Blademask3527d ago

As its happening around many websites media/outlets. People are just getting over it i think, and getting back to really being interested in gaming. Right now theres one place where the buzz/games are. People can pretend otherwise, but I'm sure PS3 owners are happy that they have games/news/events from 2008 and 2009+.


umair_s513527d ago

One happy owner of a PS3 here :)

SprSynJn3527d ago

The PS2 was also hard to develop for, so many people said it would eventually crumble to the competition. Obviously that didn't happen. While the competition is stronger now than last generation, the PS3 seems to have more potential to awe the audience than its predecessors. The PS3 is my only console I have and will have this generation, and yet I couldn't be happier with my decision to buy one. Good job Sony!

3527d ago
Tarasque3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Soon as i read Sony created fullmotion video for games the articles is a fail sorry. Someone needs to read up a little bit before spouting incorrect information.

And to the guy above me, the dreamcast beat itself had nothing to do with the PS2.

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Zeus Lee3527d ago

It can also bring forth an unprecedented amount of hatred stemming from mentally challenged individuals of a different videogame console

poindat3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Why would you say that? There is nothing here provocative; it is just a list of all the great things that the PS3 is capable of. No mention of the 360, and they actually scorn websites that indulge in fanboy behaviors.

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