Planning on buying a high-end graphics card soon? Dont

ZNet writes: "Are you planning on dropping $250 or more on a graphics card any time soon? DON'T! I'd advise anyone thinking of spending any kind of serious money on a serious high-end graphics card to put off that purchase for a few months and wait. Wait for what? "

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xplosneer3527d ago

still playing on my 8800GT lol

Blademask3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Left 4 Dead is still amazingly popular, as is COD4 and other ported to console games that dont need dual sli setups but just an OK rig...Hopefully developers will start pushing hardware, but the investment to do so seems to be falling on deaf programmers for PC titles.

But uh, I wouldn't buy any hardware either right now unless you want to play Crysis. You can build a cheap rig to run the source engine/unreal on max.

xplosneer3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

I'd never go out and buy that much just to keep up, it's impossible and I'd go broke. I'm still playing on a year old XPS 420, Quad Core w/3GB's and that 8800GT, and I don't plan on upgrading ANY time soon. It handles Civ4, Battlefield 2, and even plays Crysis on high reasonably(as long as I don't have anything else running. Kills it on max though). It runs really fast too, lots of use for folding xD

Nihilism3527d ago

that was the bomb 18 months ago, and most game run awesome on it,and still do, except crysis, i upgraded from 8800gt to gtx 280 , and guess what it still can't beat crysis, and my 8800gt worked awsome for everything else, my advice, wait this round out and upgrade when then next gen of cards come out, it's not worth it, they're overpriced

velaxun3527d ago

i agree 100%, still rocking it out on a year old 8800GT. Aside from hiccups here and there on some newer games, still runs everything pretty much maxed and at least at 30fps, I have no desire to upgrade yet.

evrfighter3527d ago

hell the 4870 is running $170 at newegg. That's all you'd really need for crysis.

Even then an 8800gt and ati hd3870 is more than enough to run the "nex gen" games we are seeing on consoles. those run just under $100

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FantasyStar3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

One main reason to not to buy a high-end graphics card is because DX11 cards are coming out this year. Never buy a high-end card if you're gaming at any resolution 16x10 and lower.

..unless it's Crysis of course. That game brings the Kings to their knees.

BGDad3527d ago

Frankly I think PC gaming is about over. Sad but true. PC's would really need something to set it apart from consoles and its just not happening.

Tiberium3527d ago

Sorry you're wrong PCs have many MMOs. And Blizzard just announced they have 11M subscribers in WOW. Steam also has over 15M accounts and growing at a crazy state with L4D (I have one). And Bioware is going to release SW: The Old Republic soon. As of now Consoles still can't support MODS.

ThatOneGuyThere3527d ago

you mean xbox and wii dont support mods. ;) ps3 supports them when devs want to. (UT3)

BTW, i agree though, PC is not going anywhere.

Dogswithguns3527d ago

Im playing Crysis on my 8600gt card. Who needs high end and high cost

thehitman3527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

Dont these new cards are kind of a waste... They more expensive and ya they probably run faster but dont you need a screen that can support these higher resolutions

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