GDC 07: Halo 2 Vista To Have Exclusive Achievements, Complete Map Editor

Why most of you would say, big deal, there's a few reasons why Halo 2 for Vista stands out for not only PC gamers, but Xbox veterans as well. First off Halo 2 will ship with a fully equipped map editor. Gamers will not only be able to create maps, but maps will be sharable over Live, and much like other PC FPSs if you log into a server that has a custom map the game will download and install the map and get you playing. While the map editor will be quite robust, it will be easy for seasoned map editors to create arenas to battle it out in. You'll have access to all the assets the development team did to remix current levels or you'll be able to build new geometry and import your own created assets to virtually create anything. It should be quite interesting to see what the Halo community can come up with.

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