The Maw review: By Gamer Limit

Around the turn of the millennium, cutesy, cartoony platforming games were all the rage. Spyro the Dragon and Crash Bandicoot dominated the PlayStation generation, and both adults and children loved them. Then something changed. Games like Jak and Daxter, which had helped bridge the console generation gap for light-hearted platformers, began to take on a grittier edge when they started including guns and darker stories. With this shift from charming, innocent platforming to harder edged shooters, it seemed that a good 'ol 3D platform game could only be found within the Mushroom Kingdom.

Even today, series like Banjo Kazooie and Sonic the Hedgehog which once represented the pinnacle of platforming have abandoned their glorious past in exchange for adrenaline junky toys like cars and guns. If you are like me and yearn for the days when a game didn't need to have guns or guitars in order to be fun, then The Maw may be the answer for you.

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