Why Noby Noby Boy is the dark spawn of Satan

Jim Sterling: In the many months leading up to Noby Noby Boy's release on the PSN, I have held firm on one important fact -- that the Boy of the game's title is a dark and brooding hub of black, thirsting evil in the purest of forms. He is all of man's malevolence, condensed and contained with a soulless vessel. Just look at him! It's obvious!

Having played Noby Noby Boy for several days now, all my deepest, darkest fears have been made flesh. Boy is indeed the obsidian child, and I have the proof! For all those who believe in that which is good and Holy, please read on, and join me in my fight to stop this grotesque menace!

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Mucudadada3526d ago

Great article. My PSN comment was even "Noby made me do it..." before I even read the article!!!