Atlus announces Crimson Gem Saga for US release

Andrew Yoon: Atlus announced plans to bring Crimson Gem Saga, a Korean RPG, to North American PSP gamers. The game, which is known as Garnet Chronicle in Japan and Astonishia Story 2 in Korea, promises "lush hand-drawn visuals, an engaging fantasy tale, and an easy-to-use interface."

No other details or assets were released. Crimson Gem Saga is scheduled for release on May 26, 2009 with an MSRP of $29.99. Stay tuned for more details when we get them.

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Chris3993577d ago (Edited 3577d ago )

It's nothing like the first game - Astonisha Story (that game was a complete turd). They even changed the name to try and distance themselves from that image.

Oh, and it's an original JRPG, not a PC/ PSX/ PS2 port.

Buy this game! :)