MMORPGs: When getting your way is not enough; PvP

What's wrong with MMOs is often discussed. Some say it has to do with the structure of the game, others say it has to do with the entire community, and others say some aren't social enough. The truth to it, however, is that what truly ruins the experience in an MMO are the sore losers, and the majority of those sore losers are heavily involved with PvP. Of course, why wouldn't they be; what other aspect of the game is there an outlet that encourages you to be a tremendous douche as part of the experience?

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StillGray3529d ago

The PVP Community tends to take the game a little too seriously, making the game miserable for just about everyone else. Case in point? Every RP-PVP WOW server. There's pretty much no RP to be found there.

iseven3529d ago

when in doubt, play on a PvE realm.

Tony P3529d ago

Number one reason I don't play MMOs: other people.

If mandatory multiplayer is indeed the future of gaming, I'm out.

Zeus Lee3529d ago

Why did you use a picture of Why Dis as the story image?