Games We've Forgotten

With the slew of great titles being released, I found myself enthralled in some of 2008's best, but as I look back, I notice that some games just didn't really sink in. In no way were these games completely awful, but they seemed to get lost in the mix. Please note that this list is of my own, I don't particularly know how others may or may not feel about those listed, or what they play.

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Nelson M3526d ago

Alan wake must be at the top of the list

Ziriux3526d ago

Dude it's talking about games that are out not games that aren't close to release.

Fullish3526d ago

Most are probably worth forgetting.

iseven3526d ago

wtf? i didn't forget about Mirror's Edge. thats my fav game!


Fable 2, not the second coming of Christ after all, was it?

XLiveGamer3526d ago

I am still playing Mirrors Edge and Ninja Gaiden 2 (Xbox) and FarCry in my PC. But i can't deny either that every month or 1 1/2 month there's a new game in my PC or Console.

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The story is too old to be commented.