Halo Has Met It's Match, Killzone 2 Shocks The Industry

* N4G Admin Guest Stars On Gamers In The Street
* Microsoft Makes Multi-Platform games there own with DLC
* Capcom wants Marvel vs Capcom 3 to be a reality
* Game Review - Street Fighter 4 (Must Buy)
* And Much Much More Enjoy The Show

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Bnet3433529d ago

What a great article to wake up to. Here we go again ...

nix3529d ago

Noooooooooooooo...... not this guy again!!! )x

Trollimite3529d ago

he does bring alot of fresh ideas to the gaming industry. and hes not a d**K face like the rest of these sites on the web.

have you ever tried talking to any editor or writter on IGN, they really think there better than us.

i see him as the great equalizer

3529d ago
MisterNiwa3529d ago

Fresh Wind to the Gaming Industry..

He does nothing for the gaming industry, lol.

pixelsword3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

The funny thing is that he uses the same method of operation as Howard Stern, but not too many people see that.

In that way, HHG is a genius at crowd control... Watch Howard Stern's movie and you'll likely see it if you don't know what I'm talking about.

solidt123529d ago

this is the best video game show period.

JokesOnYou3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

I don't agree with most of the things he say's or many of his "hit Headlines" but he does make some good points from time to time, like here he said what many of the early doubters said about micro's exclusive DLC for GTA, many said it wasn't going to be significant but now he thinks its amazing what R* delivered and for $20 "I'll slap you" if you don't think its worth it so now he's going to get 360 version.


MisterNiwa3529d ago

He is smart nothing else.

He just makes a week recap and tells us his opinion, nothing new nothing else.

He isnt making news, he is just making a recap.

If he would make something like a Game Review of a game thats not out, it would be okay, or gets something new from upcoming games like Infamous.
But he doesnt have something like that, he is just making a show about previous news of the week. =/

Monchichi0253529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

My vote for the worst person on N4G is HipHopGamer. This guy is KILLING the Video Game Journalism industry.

I stopped watching his show cuz I don't want him to score hits on his site and I encourage others stop doing so as well.

And please don't associate HipHop with yourself. You're making us hiphop fans like bad!

UltimaEnder3529d ago

WOW, this guy may be the least informed person allowed to speak on camera about video games, the show is the same thing every week and he uses N4G to get traffic, no other way of getting hits so it's pretty sad if you think about it; and I'm glad that a PS3 fanboy thinks K2 is better than H3, what a SHOCKER!!!!

thats_just_prime3529d ago

This should of been titled part 347 of how the hiphopps3fangirl is ruining gaming

ASSASSYN 36o3529d ago

Do you honestly think sony will drop the ps3 to $200 this gen!? They are barely making a dime at it's lowest price currently. Their break-even-point would be unattainable if they drop to $200. Dream on man. That won't happen this gen. Heck they are talking about the ps3 hitting $300 is a difficult task. You are asking for a lot with regards to a $200 price drop. There is only so much that can be omitted from the ps3's architecture or shrunk without compromising the system. You ask for too much to early...good luck with that fantasy.

eddierivera3529d ago

Hiphopgamer is a scrotum sack. I listen to the bitbag warzone and hes been getting even more ignorant after every show. He talks about his c0ck, Sh*tting on things,, jiz, all types of stuff. He is a waste of life.

edgeofblade3529d ago

Yes, a fresh wind from twixt his buttcheeks.

Danja3529d ago

every week the same ppl come and bash HHG it really that hard to just ignore the story and dont click the link since he obviously irritates some of you guys..?

ne ways this wasn't a bad show at all...SF4 def a must buy and looking forward to KZ2 best MP game so far this gen..?? could be..hehe

Catastrophe..FTW..!! XD

2Negativecool3529d ago

Dudes got something here.

I think he's better than the quality of show that is available to him. Give the guy a decent budget, a legitimate venue, and more opportunities to interview key players in the industry, he could really have something.

I think it's cool he's a regular contributor here at N4G.

But that's just me..

3529d ago
ape0073529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

why I like hhg


1 not a fanboy

2-love gaming,all systems

3-not baised
4-his style is cool

5-he's so passionate about games

6-he smashes fanboy sites\articales

7-his shows got almost everything the week contains

8-speculates things with logic

9-have some exclusive info

10-he give a probability of occurence if some news aren't confirmed

11-he has some exclusive interviews with devs

12 he attend game events and play and talk about them

13-gamers in the streets section

14-he's try to welcome everybody to his e-mails,psn id's,his own sites,he's a very nice guy

15-he's try to do his best,gotta appreciate his work

16-good game reviews,he know how to play and review at the same time,he play well

PERSONALLY.I don't see any resone why some here in n4g hates him

here's why some hate him

1-n4g is full of fanboys

ape0073529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

" stopped watching his show cuz I don't want him to score hits on his site and I encourage others stop doing so as well"

haha,you know what I just visit his site more than 5 times to give him more hits hahaha

and btw,all my friends(outside n4g)visit his site daily on regular basis

jwatt3529d ago

APE I completly agree, Some of the stuff he says he really has some valid points. MS is really aggresive with Multiplatform titles and that's something you can't deny, the guy speaks the truth.

DarK-SilV3529d ago

These guys are annoying, it all started with one article then all of them started hating on him, I really can’t stand them at all, I used to write fanboys comments just for fun but now I hate every fanboy, they are annoying and crying babies,
Good thing the mods are deleting most of the haters+fanboys comments on this article

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vickers5003529d ago

I didn't know Catastrophe was a chick. Shes pretty damn hot too :)

xjxdoggystyyle3529d ago

was actually one of his better shows..i enjoyed this one....wasnt as bias as usual and praised the 360.hes needs to keep on a level playin field and hip hop wont get bashed on then as much

SprSynJn3529d ago

I saw the title, and got excited. I then saw where the video came from, and decided to pass.

aceitman3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

some things you say are cool and not but one that i have to say i know your wrong at is that the 360 isnt going to do any better than its doing in japan so what it sold 123,000 copies of a game that doesnt mean its going to take japan from sony that was games thats only about 16% of what they have in 360s in japan the 360 is dead and its not going to come and gain ground in japan sony is growing and catching the wii and its line up off games is getting stronger . now in america its catching up even at double the price not to mention that the main 360s sold are the arcade so when sony drops its price in april to 299 its going to be on y because of the strong line up of games just like the ps 1 and 2 playstation ages like a fine wine and when the developers get the taste of it its going to be one hell of a toast celebrating some sweet looking games am i a fan boy no but as time goes on im loveing my 600$ ps3 more than my 360 more and more and hip hop gamer i heard you in a podcast and i couldnt believe that you didnt think the killzone 2 commercial was realtime gameplay please try to remember what you say about the 360 one time and then say something different the next as with the ps3 it doesnt make you look good and you can lose fans that way i know it will make me look somewhere else if it keeps up stay real stay true aceitman other wise i love the show for now help me keep loveing it

socomnick3529d ago

I tried to watch it, but I felt my brain cells begin to rapidly die. I you value your intelligence avoid this video at all cost.

SAiOSiN3529d ago

who's catastrophe??? any1 wanna tell me?

UltimaEnder3529d ago

You know if any other story had this many reports it would be removed, guess it's good that HHG and N4G are partners is their junk.....this site is going downhill way to quick!

Legion3529d ago

Stealing someone elses identity on multiplayer so that you can make it look like you are team killing.... WHO THE [email protected] THOUGHT THIS WAS SMART???!!!! And how are you suppossed to tell the difference between the real team killer and the mole??? the guy can kill his whole team and say it wasn't him...! Lets take the number one grief issue for multiplayer team games and actually make it a part of the game... STUPID!!!! Just like HippityHop... non-informed gamer.

cjflora3529d ago

I disregarded this article the moment I read the line "* Microsoft Makes Multi-Platform games there own with DLC". Seriously, how can you be taken seriously when you can't tell the difference between there, their, and they're. I'm pretty sure I learned the difference between those 3 when I was in 3rd grade. I love my PS3, and don't plan on owning a 360, but I believe in real journalism, not this flame bait crap coming from someone who can't spell any better than someone in elementary school.

Danja3529d ago

Catastrophe is one the Administrators on can always find her on the Forum boards..but she doesn't really comment on the main page....

ProperFunked3529d ago

me and my friend were talking about Marvel vs. Capcom on Next-Gen consoles last night, that game is a must buy hands down for me (if it comes out) LOVE LOVE LOVEDDD the first 2.

only thing i dont like about SF4 is ppl online do the same cheap move over and over and have zero skill. its really sad.

ProperFunked3529d ago

this fool got some real recording equipment for real. as simple as it is, he's not even putting the soundtrack OVER the video, he playing it off camera which just sounds terrible. the only thing that should be off camera if anything is the mic. doesnt he have any friends that could help him out with that. one thing you rarely ever see a rapper without is his mic in hand, where's his?


Bob Dole3529d ago

Until you have your own show SHUT UP. If you don't like it that's fine but saying things like he's ruining gaming journalism is ridiculous. There are plenty of sites/shows that already ruined it and his show is a breath of fresh air from all the BS.

WhiteLight3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

The same cry babies come in each video to talk crap ever week LMAO. They complain about it but still watch it, its so dam funny and sad. I guess their video games is all what they have in life and the kotaku site :(

PSN- TOMMYMGS43528d ago

because of his ghetto accent

JasonPC360PS3Wii3528d ago

Wake me when Killzone 2 gets into the hands of 9 million gamers :)

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lord_of_balrogs3529d ago

Him again............ Doesn't he ever quit?

-EvoAnubis-3529d ago (Edited 3529d ago )

I certainly hope not.

Edit: LMAO @ Voozi! Damn disagree fairy! *shakes fist*

Voozi3529d ago

=P Doh I pressed Agree by accident on you Evo...don't worry I'll get yah next time! ;D

*Phantoms away*

zootang3529d ago

People want to shut the man up because he speaks the truth. Typical i suppose xbots are used to being lied to they can't handle the truth

TheColbertinator3529d ago

Catastrophe FTW

Hahaha Pixeljunk addict!

Aclay3529d ago

I had never seen Catastrophe before, but she's dangerously BEAUTIFUL ;)

Shaka2K63529d ago

Failo 2.5 graphics = meh
Failo 2.5 physics = meh
Failo 2.5 story = meh
Failo 2.5 co-op = meh
Failo 2.5 online = terrible
Failo 2.5 lightning = meh
Failo 2.5 gameplay = meh
Failo 2.5 innovation = meh
Failo 2.5 replay value = ZERO!

Killzone 2.

The best Shooter in the history of gaming with the best,graphics,physics,story,co -op,fun factor,online,lightning,gamepl ay,story,iNnovation,replay value ect.

Killzone 2 GOTY of the decade only on Sony PS3!

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3529d ago

She can Ban me Anyday!!! ;-P
(She probably has already!!!) ;-D

All N4G Admin/Mods can't look Cute like that can they??? ;)

+ 'Halo'??? ;-D 'COD4' Kicked Halo's @SS ages ago!!! And 'KillZone 2' will Kick it into Space!!! ;-D

FRoZENiViAN3529d ago



Capt CHAOS3529d ago

Lol, You're cracking me up.

Try playing the game first.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3528d ago

More gamers play Halo than MGS4, Resisntance 1 and 2, LBP, and SOCCOM combined.

Stubacca3528d ago

Dude. I hate you. Yau are the new Power Of Green.
LBP, MGS4, Resistance, Warhawk etc. all have more originality than Halo 3. Halo is a fanboy thing, it's actually not that good. Or that hard to get through on legendary. It's a weak game that sold incredibly well through some outstanding marketing on Microsoft's part.

HALO IS THE MOST OVER-HYPED GAME OF ALL TIME! Our children will know the difference between a good game and a hyped one.

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