Blast Mag: Microsoft, Education, Video Games, and You

Blast Mag writes: "The video game as an electronic medium has been incessantly expanding and diversifying in recent years to the tune of unbelievable sales figures and a growing sense of cultural attachment. The video game industry is no longer a niche market; rather it is a globally encompassing phenomenon with no significant slowdown in sight. And with this expansion of epic proportions comes the question of a correlation between the games we know and love, and whether or not they can be systematically examined and developed to encourage the educational process.

Microsoft, with their huge bankroll and uninhibited enthusiasm for research and development, has put 1.5 million dollars up to start the Games for Learning Institute in association with New York University and other area colleges. Their aim is to see if video games can draw students into math, science, and other technology-based programs. And we're not talking just educational games; the full spectrum will be analyzed and interpreted."

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