Wiiiii – what fun this isn't

Times writes: "This morning, before I sat down to write this, I killed three men. The first two I got with a good old-fashioned shotgun, and then for the third one, who was 8ft high and wearing body armour fashioned with alien technology, I had to use a pulse cannon.

That's the thing with console games: they offer perfect escapism. I've been to far-off lands, driven a Murciélago at 150mph into a wall, looked for the lost Infada Stone in a jungle, emptied all manner of artillery into the French and become a Shaolin kung fu master fighting alongside a fat panda.

The other day, for the first time, I had a go on a Nintendo Wii. I fail to see the point of the Wii. I used to think it was stupid. Now, after playing on a friend's one, I've changed my mind. It is, in fact, really stupid. For a start the graphics are childlike and wrong. It's all too bright and flat, like a kids' drink. Playing the Wii is like watching a futuristic Japanese advert in a bar in Blade Runner."

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Chris3993523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

and came to the conclusion, after playing Wii Sports, that is was.

I have 3 games for my new Wii (Madworld soon as well), and I haven't even touched Wii sports (that's not included in the "3 games"). Basing your assumptions about a console upon an entry-level, ultra user friendly, all ages piece of software is a really biased and imbecilic thing to do.

And of course, there is a Halo reference thrown in for good measure.

Credibility = 0

Voiceofreason3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

Yeah 0 cred. Bad article. What I got from it was that the Wii sucks because it isnt the 360 and doesnt offer Halo.

himdeel3522d ago

...if you didn't like the Wii and never used one chances are you're really not going to like it once you get your hands on the thing.

mint royale3522d ago

I bet he is in the same group of people that don't understand why the wii sells so much and believes it will soon fail. I got a 360 with perfect dark. It was truly awful. Should I now believe the console is terrible? No because I actually had the imagination to try other games!! Although thats a non biased concept I doubt the author can comprehend.

TOSgamer3522d ago

Its a tongue-in-cheek article. Sure he's having some fun at the Wii's expense but I don't really think he's serious. I mean come on, when he starts talking about training his 2 year old nephew for the forthcoming Alien invasion you have to realize he's just messing around. Chill out...

SprSynJn3522d ago

However, I myself have also tried out the Wii on certain occasions, and I also have come to conclusion that it is not worth the cash. The thought of Nintendo games on a machine where real life actions decide what occurs is an idea that many I am sure have wanted to try. However, after moving Mario around using those exact controls I found myself wondering, "is this it?" I have tried numerous games on the Wii including Mario Galaxy, Mario Party, Red Steel, Wii Sports, etc. The only one to actually keep my interest was Wii Sports. But after playing baseball for a while I had the urge to actually go outside and play real baseball with some friends. That got me thinking, are people that lazy to actually prefer a baseball simulator over the real thing? I am aware that this applies to not only the Wii games, but since that is what Nintendo is marketing towards, they are the ones most focused on.

With my PS3 I have games where actions and scenarios cannot be done in real life. Where, despite often realistic graphics, it is impossible to go outside and either shoot at a red eyed alien or drive someone off the road in Paradise. What makes these games so well done is despite them not having any sort of real motion control, you are immersed within the landscape due to how beautiful and realistic they look. If you were to strip the Wii of all titles which can easily be done in real life, be it in a baseball field or simply in your house with family, you wouldn't have something to sell over the competition. There is no real wow factor outside not having to move your rear in order to enjoy something. That is why many, including myself, have come to see the Wii as only a gimmick in the long run. The same with the DS for that matter. As you grow older, I feel, having something look good while playing it is more fun than just moving a stylus around or wagging your hand to get a response. That is how I feel anyway.

Chris3993522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

It doesn't have multi-media functions, NXE, avatars or Blu-ray playback. From day one it's sole purpose was to play games - it even came bundled with one.

Unlike it's two rival HD cousins it has done this from DAY ONE. It avoided format wars and massive, bankrupting budgets and was affordable to developers and consumers from DAY ONE.

Keep in mind that I am a new Wii owner. I have had a PS3 for 2 years and a 360 (well, 2 360s technically - first one broke) for 9 months. I am definitely in the category of "hardcore gamer". That said, I can appreciate the Wii and what it has done for the industry.

While it's not perfect, it now has enough games to justify a purchase - NMH, Mad World, Tales, Tenchu, Arc Rise Fantasia, Fragile. To say that the Wii is not fun or does not have interesting software at this point just makes you look jaded or ignorant; and are as stale and tired as the: "PS3 haz no gamez!" or "360 is 4 shooters!" arguments.

P.S. Another great feature of the Wii is the low price of it's software. This week, I walked into a major retailer (all of whom are guilty of price gouging) and picked up two brand-new games for $20 a piece. In comparison, you can't find a recently released HD game for less than $30 without A LOT of searching/ craigslisting.

Product3522d ago

bubbles chris well said

SprSynJn3522d ago

It is a gaming system, per say. That has been Nintendo's selling point for their systems since the beginning. But the problem is when their number one selling software at the moment is Wii Fit, you have to ask yourself exactly where their gaming spirit is headed. To me it seems they are just trying to cash in on a new trick anyway they possibly can. Granted I am sure many of those games you mentioned are fun to play, but are they really that much different and innovative to separate them from the competition? Like I said, I have played a few of their games and I have to say they are not in my opinion.

Product3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

You say that Wiifit isnt innovated but have you played Shawn White with it? What about the Wiiwheel and Mario Kart?

Thing is Nintendo itself is a very important ripple maker in the video game industry when it comes to controls.You say the Wii hasnt innovated but alot of people thought the same thing when little features started rolling out on their systems from:
Nes and the D pad,lightgun
Snes and its shoulder buttons
N64 with its analog and rumble,etc,etc.

and although at the time people didnt think they were innovative either without the features from older Nintendo systems you wouldnt be playing your ps3 with analog controls.

You say that "you are immersed within the landscape due to how beautiful and realistic they look." and that is great but you cant really knock the wii for its gameplay mechanics because its just another part of what makes video games so great.We know where you stand,you like graphics but you have to atleast respect people for being gamers yet not standing in the same spot you do.

Also if you look at 2009 for Wii this year is looking better then any year before it for wii software and as a Pc/wii owner myself i find the wii to offer me a type of gameplay i cant get from even massive hits such as Gears,Dead Space, and Fps of all types on my Pc.

Variety is the spice of life

SprSynJn3522d ago

You have a very good point about Nintendo, they are innovators. I actually had almost every one of their systems before the Wii was introduced, so I know where they came from. I do understand there are people who prefer their style of play versus others. I was actually going to get a Wii from the time it launched, but certain circumstances provoked me into getting the PS3 instead. Either way I probably would have been happy. One of the major factors in my decision was what I mentioned above, the games I tried out. I had actually purchased Mario Galaxy in preparation for getting a Wii. I was that determined. I tried it out at my friends home a couple times, and ended up confused as to where all the innovation was that I was so hyped for. Even using that Wiimote I still couldn't shake the feeling that it was just another Mario with a flashy new hat (see The Simpsons). I imagine Mario Kart would be somewhat the same, but I cannot say for sure as I have yet to try it. The difference is though, I no longer have the desire to. I am a married man with bills to pay and a household to.....well hold. The PS3 was the best solution with all the gadgets that it has in it. The Wii, being just a gaming machine, would have been $250 for something I can do outside with the kids I teach. The problem you see is after all the innovation it has, there is nothing left in it to impress. Well, from my standpoint anyway.

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NaiNaiNai3522d ago

anyone who says the wii isn't any fun hasn't played the good titles, like mario kart. *which is just plan fun.*

mastiffchild3522d ago

360 fan hates Wii sports? There's a shocker! Why didn't he play SMG, MP3, Zack and Wiki or NMH? Oh, like Okami and HotD Overkill they wouldn't have fit his silly pov you say, well silly me. And there I was thinking you might need a little intelligence to write for the Times. Seems I couldn't be more wrong.

What's he gonna do when someone gives him Fatal Frame 4 , Muramasa or Madworld to play? He can even do some of his beloved alien shooting come The Conduit's arrival in June(or before if he's bright enough to bother playing the remake of MP1 or even Corruption right now).

No, there haven't been enough great games on Wii but this year looks miles better AND the games are starting tro come in from 3rd party devs that previously settled on shovelware for the little white box so this nugget chose absolutely the wrong time to make his tiring tirade.I'm also very sure that one of THE hardcore gaming experiences of the whole year on any console is likely to be the scrolling shooter madness of Sin and Punishment two.

A real gamer shouldn't write off any platform purely because SOME of the games don't appeal to them and I feel there's no reason for this guy attacking the Wii like this.

nombon3522d ago

the Wii does suck, its only fun when u have friends over or more than one person to play. Other wise PS3 and xbox are way better, its just that Wii is a great system for children and thats probably why it sells so much.

NaiNaiNai3522d ago

i see why you only have 2 bubbles.

SinnedNogara3522d ago (Edited 3522d ago )

Hey, Hail to the Chimp is on 360 and PS3, huh! I officially hate both of them (kidding)

But seriously, this is a terribley written article. The guy wrote it like a horseshoe is being shoved up his ass. Has he ever played House of the Dead: Overkill??? Or how about Metroid Prime 3?? Or No More Heroes?? Hating a system just because of ONE game is BS!! The Conduit will hopefully change his mind!

A FANBOY WROTE THIS!!! He didn't mention the PS3, so the guy is a XBOX fanboy. I hope his Xbox 360 red-rings.

Halo?? Halo is the most overrated franchise of all time. Nothing special about it!! Comparing Halo and Metroid is like comparing a Peanut Butter Sandwhich and 4 sandwhiches from Subway. Which is better? Metroid, huh!

ChickeyCantor3522d ago

" The Conduit will hopefully change his mind! "

Why? Going by his bias, he doesn't deserve good games.

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