New Alan Wake details are not details

Destructoid: "Once again, it's time for us to talk about the game that has a ridiculous amount of hype surrounding it, even though nobody knows what it is, Alan Wake. Developer Remedy Entertainment is keeping the hype fire stoked by pulling one of the oldest tricks in the book, the viral marketing ploy, and you can be damn sure it'll work.

Posted on the official Alan Wake forums, this new snippet of mysterious text was supposedly written by Mr. Wake himself. It was taken from promo material by the community manager and posted with Remedy's permission:"

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Nelson M3523d ago

How can you have details on a game that has gone into hibernation
Alan Fake More like it

ape0073523d ago

I trust remedy

come on guys,show it

im dying to see it

Obama3523d ago

Haven't seen any gameplay of it. As far as we know, this could be the biggest disappointment in 2011.

Why dis3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

Just like all the other games we havn't seen but know are coming lol.

The worst kind of troll is one that hides in the background saying moronic sh*t only fanaticals care about.

Who told your stupid ass this game is coming in 2011?

And what hype? now PS3 fanboys say no hype is hype? WTF are these idiots thinking. Some media were impressed with the game/tech demo and now the devs are hyping the game?

Evil PS3 fanboys and story hungry media want to know about AW and the devs are hyping it?
Are these people talking about the small handful of 360 fans on N4G's and on Brightfalls site being excited to see whatsup with the game because we need a hit in this genre?

EDIT: See what I mean some one disagreed feeding this troll above and the out of control fanboy attatude on this site.

What kind of moron would just visit a room that has nothing to do with his console and say retared sh*t without reason?

silverchode3523d ago

your both trolls and fanboys.

Why dis3523d ago (Edited 3523d ago )

I'm sure whatever you're saying its probably usless.

My god a troll gathering with other trolls to bash the fans and all that is 360.

OMG anti MSFT trolls are agreeing with anti MSFT trolls and bashing and disagreeing with 360 fans, this must mean you guys are right? lol

Sony would be winning right now if Sony's fans cared about Sony's content as much as they do MSFT's content or 360 fans cared about Sony's offerings in general.

GiantEnemyCrab3523d ago

"ridiculous amount of hype surrounding it"

I'm not seeing this ridiculous amount of hype.

It will be ready when it's ready. Take your time and make it right Remedy.

Unicron3523d ago

I agree. I want this team to be afforded time to carry out their vision, unlike say, Molyneux and Fable 2, which could have used a few more months in development (but was still a solid title).

This has the potential to be a majorly unique title. I just pray it's not Silent Hill. Then again, even if this is another Silent Hill, I'll STILL be buying it. :-)

TheRealSpy3523d ago

what hype? it gets mentioned...what...once a week on avg, tops? and usually it's just some guy's blog article cuz he just saw the video footage from 2006. i'm interested in seeing it, and looking forward to remedy's game; but i'm not hailing it as the greatest game of all time before it's released. unlike a certain group of ppl that like to way over hype their games months (or even years) in advance.

i find it fitting on n4g that a 360 exclusive that is barely talked about (when compared to many other titles) is being accused of getting "undue hype."

Godmars2903522d ago

Fanboys are expecting it to hit all points - Story, Graphics and Game Play - to the degree that they hold it up against anything on the PS3. Nevermind that no real footage has been shown.

The sad thing is that MS is probably listening which means pressure will be applies to Remedy. To the point that the game will be effected negatively at some level.

pr0digyZA3523d ago

I think this game will be very good.Take your time remedy make it brilliant.hmmm now its a mater of getting it on my xbox or my new PC .

II Necroplasm II3523d ago

It's great that Microsoft gives you that choice to play it on PC or Xbox 360.

Just wish E3 would go ahead and get here...

TheRealSpy3522d ago

unless you're obsessed with achievements, the decision between getting a game on pc or console should be a no-brainer. and sometimes, you'll get a game like fallout 3 or warhammer DoW 2 that is "games for windows live" and you get achievements anyway. :)