Home Manager talks music playback in Home

TedTheDog, the European Home Manager, has given forum users details about the implementation of music playback and also picture frames.

Many people have requested video and music playback and even the possibility of putting their own pictures on their walls in the Home apartments.

Read on for just what possibilities might be available soon.

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MURKERR3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

me nor anyone in my friends list ever log onto home, all these functions should have been implemented ages ago, what sony have released has nothing to it so it baffles the mind as to why it took so long to come out

i hold out hopes for home but for now im living rough

-EvoAnubis-3525d ago

We're in the first few months of an open beta. It's all coming in time.

PotNoodle3525d ago

Alot of people still enjoy it though, i logged on today to check out the street fighter t-shirts i unlocked when i got certain trophies (Yes, we have rewards for trophies now!) and everywhere i went was full.

segasage3525d ago

gmail is still in beta and it's been how long again?

home is a gimmick. sonys till cannot offer xcross game chat and linking up...yet spending time on less important things to gamers.

nix3525d ago

i'm bored listening to the same songs in the Park. at least change the songs.

yeah... playing our own music while bowling will be fun. i know Home is going to be great in months to come. it's a solid feature and Sony knows what they are doing. i have full faith in Home.

i won't be surprised if every 3rd party developer wants to have their own room in Home. it's a great place for gamers... more like a socialising place. i've made many friends there.

Mindboggle3525d ago

I personally hate home and the whole concept of buying "virtual" clothing and furniture and socializing using avatars, and overall I think its a piece of crap.

But if people enjoy it then these features will be cool for them, and i hope they keep improving it for the people that use it, because I know theres loads, as I logged in the other week and it was full.

But I cant see myself using home unless it was better integrated within the XMB rather than loading and playing like a game.

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XtreemGamer3525d ago

Music playback? Sounds good! I'm waitin for it :)

TheColbertinator3525d ago

They should hurry up with music.I hate that short playlist in the dance spot

spunnups3525d ago

i'm with you murkerr, but i can't imagine all this stuff is easy to program into such a huge world with all it's moving parts.

BrunoM3525d ago (Edited 3525d ago )

Well it all sounds good but thats not the only things coming...

as far as i can tell others threes alot more coming if u guys go to the hiphop gamer forum and look at my past comments BrunoM user there .. i try to gave hiphop gamer some news for his show (lets say he didn't take it)

but about 2 months ago i went there to tell every one about all these news on home ... so il tell you guys more or less what i told them ...

We are all in betas wen it comes to HOME thing is am in a BETa for home just like all of u thing is MY beta is Different from 99.9% of the beta all u guys are on ALOT coming from march on !!!

and as u guys can see from the post on hip hop gamer no making things up !

keep the eyes open for around march 23rd .. wink

http://www.hiphopgamershow.... JAN 4 i was already telling people about these AND more coming .. like i said befor keep eyes open for around March 23rd and another date soon after .. wink ! lol

LoveGames3525d ago

Yo guess it not a lie and you did know

good stuff man oh and i got your in between the lines messages on your 3 posts go it man sounds great maybe a few more people got it to

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