New God Of War III scans and informations from a French magazine.

We learn that the game will be in 1080p, with no loading ( the game will load during the cut-scene ) and with a perfect framerate. Even in this early version there is no framerate issue. GoW III's engine is an evolution of the GoW II's one.

No sixaxis use, no co-op, no multiplayer, no Pegasus.

Insomniac and Naughty Dog are helping Santa Monica.

60% of the first GOW's staff is still there.

Sex mini-game(s).


"Perfect framerate" doesn't necessarily mean "60fps". It's not said wether it's 30fps or 60fps.

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solideagle14349d ago (Edited 4349d ago )

cool man. well i think Gurilla games should be helping them too. this should be a master piece no doubt about it.

Leio4349d ago (Edited 4349d ago )

Well it surprise me that Santa-monica actually need help??

but not a bad thing they are all working together though :D

Anyone can translate the "Sexual healing" part on page 4? it sounds very interesting :D

Cwalat4349d ago

Santa Monica, Insomniac, NaughtyDog and Guerrilla Games

^ Ultimate Cooperation ^

I knew this a long time ago, and i'm gonna say this once more.


StayHigh4349d ago

It looks like this game will come out this year!!

lociefer4349d ago

GOW3 FOR THE FKIN WIN , and plz dont do that dlc crap santa monica , ur better than that (smart asses whose gonna say dlc is compay doin business , gow1 / 2 were doing fine without dlc)

nix4349d ago

that's the best news i ever heard this year... ok, i admit, one of the best news. the others were KZ2 related. this is why i stuck to PS brand. great 1st party games. there's no other console that can beat the quality of games that come out of Sony's camp.

5 more days! q:

SuperM4349d ago

Well they are all helping eachother. Its not like Santa Monica is only recieving help. They are also helping the other teams.

The cooperation is what makes Sony imo the best game developer/publisher in the buisness. They have the best tech in the industry hands down.

nix4349d ago (Edited 4349d ago )

a disagree...? well here's a JOKE for you then...

what does an x-bot turn into when he plays a Killzone2?

a Bot! q:

SAiOSiN4349d ago

santa monica helped guerilla on killzone 2 :).

spunnups4349d ago

I'm on that boat with you. There's nothing like the Playstation Brand. It's 1st Party Exclusives are head and shoulders above anything else on a console.

na2ru14349d ago

And now know what the big deal is about. My expectation just got raised higher. Waiting for chain of olympus and gow1 to arrive.

God of War is amazing

yog-sothot4349d ago

@Leio (1.1)

quick translation :

"1080p, new engine et perfect use of the PS3 capacities, all this could only swell Kratos' chest... And how to miss those of the girls, much more attractive ! More atomic bombs (in french, this expression means "very hot girls"), more erotic scenes, that's why the developpers promised to us. Et we won't blame them for that."

Cajun Chicken4349d ago (Edited 4349d ago )

You just TOTALLY played those in the wrong order. Now please, wherever you are in in GoW2, STOP wait for GoW1 to arrive. Then play 'Chains.
Seriously, it'll spoil everything. Start from GoW1 like any good trilogy.

CrazzyMan4349d ago (Edited 4349d ago )

1080p? Hmm... as long as they surpass my graphic expectations for this gen, i`m fine. And i`m fine with 720p, as long as game has KZ2 level graphics or above. :)

So, i hope, they know what they are doing. But for 1080p a lot of power is needed and if GoW 3 can do that... That just will be AMAZING.

gaffyh4349d ago

Woah so this could be the first fully 1080p game available on any console ever (apart from PC obviously).

mgsfan554349d ago

1080p? I hope they aren't sacrificing 60fps for 1080p, cause that would suck big time.

If it's 1080p it also better damn well be super smooth 60fps like the other God of War games.

I'll take 680p with 60fps over 1080p with 30fps any day of the week and 100 times on Sundays.

N4360G4348d ago

God Of War III is going to be awesome and is going to sell alot of PS3's,I can't wait!!

BiG_LU4348d ago

I can wait for this master piece now that they got help from one of the best, this game is going to be the sh*t and I will enjoy every detail and move that they add, hope they will be a release date for this year, I can't wait for E3 2010 to see more real time game play.

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Cajun Chicken4349d ago

No Six-Axis? I don't believe that, GoW games use every button and feature on the controller. I don't think so. Besides, I'm sure its been quoted that they are using it in interviews.

Gun_Senshi4349d ago

Yes it was. They are looking how to incoprate sixaxis and did say they liked what heavnly sword and folkore did

himdeel4349d ago

...for the sex-mini game.

jams_shop4349d ago

It looks like GOWIII is far ahead in development of what I initially thought. Judging by the last trailer(which was made last year) and some of those new screens could it be that... we might get to play the game this year?

Fishy Fingers4349d ago

Rumoured a playable build will be at E3.

PotNoodle4349d ago

SCEA said the game will be out this year in a recent press release.

Mishmash194349d ago

i know in a press release they said this year it will be out...but maybe at E3 they will give a confirmation date at the end of a trailer/gameplay video? hopefully some type of release date confirmation will be made then...

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celldomceen14349d ago

Seems like they came together like voltron, but whose the head?