AppCraver Review: ATC 4.0

AppCraver writes: "Within a few minutes of playing C3 Software's ATC 4.0, I began to marvel at just how competent real air traffic controllers must be. Here I was, juggling only five planes in the air and still couldn't manage to keep them from colliding, missing runways and causing all sorts of mayhem.

I dig ATC 4.0 in a major way. It's innovative, challenging and smart. If you like sims, then you'll want to wrap your head around this one.

ATC 4.0 has a nearly flat learning curve: Tap the plane as it comes into view, tap again to set way points to fly the plane in the direction you want to go and line up your approach to a runway and land. A variety of planes dot the sky, ranging from jumbos to fighter planes. When the traffic demands it, you can slow or speed up your planes to help avoid collisions."

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