Microsoft Reveals Live For Windows Pricing

While Microsoft was quite quiet about Live for Windows Vista, today during a press event prior to the Game Developers Conference the company revealed to Game Informer Online the exact pricing structure for the service. Live for Windows Vista will actually be the same exact price for Vista as it is for the Xbox 360. Just like with the Xbox 360 there will be a free Silver package as well as a Gold package which retails for $49.99 for a year subscription, $7.99 for one month, and $19.99 for three months.

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Zinswin4243d ago

In the article it states that it IS the exact same thing as a live account. If you have an Xbox gold account, you have a Gold windows live account already and vice versa. Makes sense. Makes me want to buy Windows exclusive games just to up my gamerscore...

Damn you, MSFT.

BubblesDAVERAGE4243d ago

I hope u guys arent blinded by fanboyism...dont let MS take over our gaming world

2tired2day2hate4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

you're right, ms fans should settle for a kiddie game machine or a seriously flawed one with no games.

the 360 is going to let you play with pc users and you dont have to pay for one service if you have the other. this will give you THOUSANDS more people to play with plus the 6 million already on live. how is that "taking over our gaming world?"

if that's "taking over" then what is sony doing? they are just copying xbox live at a halfassed rate. and what is nintendo doin? almost nothing. so it's better to give people lackluster features or nothing at all than it is to give them more people to play with and hundreds more choices? did you really think about this one before you started typing?

XxZxX4243d ago

@21, can you sponsor me the $50 then, I will be broke after I upgraded my Comp and to vista.

Boink4243d ago

I don't see this being all that popular.

don't get me wrong, 50$ a year is completely worth it for the service, but it's hard to get PC gamers to get it until they have actually tried it and enjoyed it.

hopefully MS gives out some free trials with games or with vista to let them experience it first.

Merovee4243d ago

Now you get the joy of paying Microsoft for the same thing that's been free for years. Enjoy.

XxZxX4243d ago

What? Nintendo can do it for free, Sony can do it for free. Why can't microsoft and to think most of the MS fanboy agree with this. No way in hell, I'm getting VIsta

Merovee4243d ago

PC's alone: How many years has Unreal been free? COD? Doom? RTS's? Everything but MOST MMO's.. and hell even some of those are free. Now Microsoft thinks they're gonna get away with charging for the Internet? That's what ISP's are for. What's next?? They gonna charge me rent for the computer I built myself?

BIadestarX4243d ago

"Nintendo can do it for free, Sony can do it for free." Do what for free? Ohh you mean that online service that 3rd party developer are not supporting? Ohh you are talking about those services that lack game invites, a proper unified online service across all games?
Didnt you hear last week how konami and other companies are dropping the servers only 2 years after the game is released while xbox owners can play online even after the console is no longer being manufacturered?
You don't want to pay to play online!? Same here!. I wouldnt pay to play online, I pay to stay connected. XBox live allows me to play with people I know, send game invites, compete with my friends for gamerscore and achivements, see their gamercard, see what they are playing and join the game they are playing without even telling them (i.e. COD3).
You don't think that's worth it? I respect that. But some of us want that and are willing to pay for it and even support it. XBox live is worth having and thats why I pay for 3 gold accounts even if I only use 1, I even support the XNA project by paying the $100 a year.

ben hates you4243d ago

if they had made the service free no one would continue playing the 360 online hopefully like they're rumored both will be free by the end of 07, if ms took over gaming industry i would welcome it with open arms why... they are fair to a point and they are allowing their developers to make games for the wii and obviously i don't care for sony

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