TouchArcade: A Look at Dungeon Crawler 'Rogue Touch'

iPhone gamers who enjoy a solid dungeon crawler will be pleased to hear that ChronoSoft has just released its ground-up iPhone remake of Rogue–Rogue Touch [link]–throught the iTunes App Store.

Rogue Touch is a remake of the original Rogue written from scratch to support the iPhone's touch and graphic abilities, it should keep anyone who likes dungeon crawlers going for many hours! Can you make it through 26 floors of randomly generated dungeon to retrieve the Amulet of Yendor and then climb back to the surface?

Rogue Touch is a remake of Rogue featuring a graphical tileset that appears to be an enhanced version of the visuals from the lovely Atari ST version (the best version out there in my opinion). Various animations have been added that were not present in the original, as well: weapons effects, a teleportation effect, stair descent, etc.

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