Mythic Offers Character Customisation To WAR Testers

Testers of Mythic's Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning's new classes, the Chopper and the Slayer, are being offered the chance to win some exclusive customisation for their characters.

Head spikes are on offer for the Dwarven Slayers and a steel jaw is up for grabs on Orc Choppas.

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Maticus4238d ago

Lol, spikes driven into their heads.. Attractive.

Leord4238d ago

Hehe, you should see the Diablo Dark Cultist NPCs, they have huge spikes inserted into their backs! o.O

Fyzzu4238d ago

I'm not the biggest fan of WAR, but I have to admit they do keep adding in a lot of cool stuff.

Maticus4238d ago

And this is a pretty cool way to make people use the test realm.

Leord4238d ago

Yeah I agree. I have bought the box, even a CE box, but not even opened it. I'm curious to try it out though!

thetamer4238d ago

Orc Choppas, is that some kind od Orc helicopter?

Maticus4238d ago

Haha, well WoW has helicopters, wouldn't surprise me :P

Leord4238d ago

They probably mean that the guy chops orcs... =P

Leord4238d ago

I really hope that WAR will become a somewhat seizable MMO, if nothing else, it brings more people in to the culture, and WoW gets some competition so they have to improve service/prices along the way. Nothing bad comes from competition.

Medievaldragon4237d ago

Interesting. World of Warcraft did this many months ago.