Lord of the Ring: Conquest "Sore Point" For Licensor

IncGamers has learnt that the recently released Lord of the Rings offering from EA, LotR: Conquest, was a "sore point" for brand licensor Saul Zaentz Company.

"You've hit on a really sore spot. We were happy with a lot of what EA did and they're a great company but it's difficult when something comes down for our review and we have issues with it. "

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thetamer3527d ago

THis is a really interesting line from the licensors and I'm looking forward to see what the n4g audience thinks of this.

Maticus3527d ago

A rush job, eh? Sounds about right.

Fyzzu3527d ago

That's interesting. Not the sort of thing I'd usually expect anyone involved to come out with.

Leord3527d ago

Yeah, a special occasion!

Leord3527d ago

Lol, I find this hilarious. They finally react to some of the dung that comes out?

thetamer3527d ago

what I don't understand is why they don't stop it from being published.