PS3 Unreal Tournament 3 gets free DLC - enough to buy the game?


"PS3 Unreal Tournament 3 gets free DLC - enough to buy the game? DLC, or downloadable content, can come in all different shapes and sizes. Some is free, some has to be paid for. Some will extend the longevity of the game, while some will simply add five minutes of entertainment. Some even has the capacity to turn a game from a maybe to a must buy. Which is what the new Titan Pack on its way to Unreal Tournament 3 could do."

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digimau3529d ago

In My Honest Opinion ..a DLC With Single Player Campaign is very Cool for UT3...

Downtown boogey3529d ago

And this is more than enough for FREE!

Dimitri3529d ago

I bought this game on day 1, after playing it for 1 week I sold it to game because it was simply boring. I am thinking about getting this game again when the titan pack comes out.

BGDad3529d ago

It sets the standard for FPS since it came out you dolt... Where do you think Halo come from? Seriously get a f'in clue.

Deathmath & warfare are both very good multiplayer modes on UT... Theres more guns than halo, more vehicles then halo, and MUCH faster paced than Halo.

kewlkat0073529d ago

Yet, there was all that fanfare surrounding Mods.

PirateThom3529d ago

The problem was, they were expecting PS3 owners to buy two copies of the game to make mods. 1 for PS3, 1 for PC. PC users aren't always going to cook the mods up for PS3.

Also, the game wasn't well recieved, so it didn't matter anyway. It was still a big leap forward for consoles.

faisdotal3529d ago

It was well recieved, it's got an 86 meta score out of 42 reviews.

Viper73529d ago

The biggest problem for Unreal was the competition. Not to mention the way it was way too old school for some ppl. The game itself is great but the fact that online mode only had Mods and stats to back it up wasnt enough.

After COD4 and Resistance among many others introduced gamers to ranking systems that where no longer only numbers but Badges, ranks, awards and some even have slight RPG elements in the play. Unreal lacked all those which made many ppl loose interest on the game. It was fun, but many ppl nowdays need atleast some sort of objective or a goal to keep playing.

Hopefully Trophies will give this goal for many gamers to keep playing and the game will get atleast some more activity.

The DLC does seem juicy and I see no real reason why some1 should not want to buy the game. Only problem is that theres this Killzone2 thats gonna be relased next week that might make ppl forget about unreal3.

Good thing I already have UT3 so I can play both :P

pixelsword3529d ago

Actually, the PC to PS3 support is very strong; in fact, one of the biggest modding communities for UT3 has a spot in Playstation's home

kwyjibo3529d ago

I really doubt that Epic were relying on PS3 owners to grab the PC version as well to mod it. It's just a way of PS3 owners to get a glimpse of the possibilities the PC modding scene gives.


And using free DLC to drive new players to your game, rather than trying to wring out more from, and divide your current audience - is what Valve have been doing forever. Other PC developers have been doing it too, but they're not as vocal about it (they should be) such as Kaos with Frontlines.

It's a good step forward to see this happening on the console side too.

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TOSgamer3529d ago

I didn't get the game because of a lack of single player. But hey it retails for $20 now so I might pick it up. Sales seemed to have pick up since the announcement of this expansion pack. Amazon is all of a sudden back ordered on the title.

Downtown boogey3529d ago

It's admittedly a preparation for the MP but still quite engaging

kazan3529d ago

i tell them this >>> gooooooood morninggggg !!!

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