New images from the Tekken movie

New images from the new Tekken movie surfaced on the internet.

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Kingsora3527d ago

Well at least it looks better than the DB movie :D

Cwalat3527d ago

Kazuya design...

dear god could they be more off?

beard, no tipped eyebrows at the end, short hair?

i mean, did they even look at the character from the game? :/

frekin morons doing this movie, just drop it and save yourselves from the already confirmed shame.

BkaY3526d ago

i mean is this for real... (an honest question)

i mean its not one of those Japanese colsplay....

as a tekken fan from tekken 1 .... this movie will suck donkeys balls.... y?......

just look at the freaking characters....

Sevir043526d ago

this movie looks like trash, no better than the DB movie and looks worse than the Dead or Alive rubbish that Itagaki produced

belal3527d ago

to make a really good tekken movie!

Kingsora3527d ago

Indeed just same cool fight movie like mortal kombat

ow wait...

Leio3527d ago

Another sh1t game-movie.

trpride3527d ago

Are thera ctually already good movies based on games...

peeps3527d ago

yeh though silent hill was a pretty gd film.

Time will tell. they could make a good movie out of tekken but somehow i doubt it

kazan3527d ago

NO WAY!! u can easily tell when u see a "porno-stars like" acting in the film lol

farhsa20083527d ago

the best without a doubt was the first mortal kombat movie, nothing comes close

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The story is too old to be commented.