Square Enix Confirmed for E3 Attendance

The Electronic Entertainment Expo website (E3) recently published the full exhibitor list, with Square Enix being confirmed as attending.

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Timberland2K93526d ago

I have a strange feeling that there is a strong reason why SE is giving microsoft all those exclusive games and it doesn't involve money.

Agree or disagree I think FFXIII is still PS3 exclusive due to technique issues.

Didn't Someone say that it had 120 hours of gameplay. Tell me how that would fit on a dvd without minus graphics sound physics etc.

IrishAssa3526d ago

multiple dvds and compression techniques

Lucreto3526d ago

I think SE want to level the field so to speak so they can go muliplatform. All the JRPG's will build a base for the 360 so I see that SO$ will hopefully be the last SE exclusive.

- Ghost of Sparta -3526d ago

Too bad this game fell off my radar like a year ago lol. Too many other PS3 games I want right now, just can't seem to get myself to care about another RPG from Square-Enix.


As much as i'd like for it to be exclusive, SE wouldn't have announced it to be multiplatform if they weren't 100% sure it would work on the 360.

But as long as it remains exclusive in Japan, Sony aren't worried.

Eiffel3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

Why would you want it to remain exclusive?

Don't want other people to enjoy a game just because its not on your console only, eh?

Kind of selfish holmes.

Even as a 360 owner I don't want this trash to be honest.

Le Idiotce3526d ago

and therefore screwed.

I cant possibly see any justification in the game going multi platform.

It increases waiting time, fanboy ignorance and arrogance, quality of the game and more.

hay3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

Now Squeenix will shock gaming world again. They'll announce that Xbox360 getting FFXIII was a joke! /jk just kidding, FF13 is shaping quite nicely and all FF fans deserve to play it. Although I still prefer exlusives quality.

ChickeyCantor3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

" Tell me how that would fit on a dvd without minus graphics sound physics etc.
120 hours of gameplay without the "gfx" and "sound" and "physics" It would be just a wall of text with Booleans/Ints/Numbers(floats)/ Strings/functions and many other datatypes.(meaning you could actually put more than 120 of hours of gameplay, but without the gfx its pretty much pointless unless its a text bases RPG XD)

Do you even know what you are talking about?

Also the longer the Gameplay doesn't always mean it needs more texture packages, new character models or whatever.
If im not mistaken you could also get 100 hours out of Tales of symphonia, yet GCN-discs were small in size.

But sure im going for 2 discs maybe 3 =).

GameGambits3526d ago

I really hope SE finally unleashes their new FF mmo that's being developed by the same guys who did FFXI MMO.

Lifendz3526d ago

Square Enix could be forced to delay FFXIII indefinitely (in the U.S. at least) and MS would still make it a profitable endeavor for them. Anything to counter Sony is the MS motto. So FF fans that don't speak Japanese you can forget about FFXIII for the foreseeable future. It sucks but that's business.

For Sony to get Square to release FFXIII in the U.S. when it's ready and before the 360 version comes out, they'd not only have to give them whatever MS did but they'd also have to pay the inevitable legal fees SE would incur from the lawsuit MS would bring.

odisho683526d ago

...Kingdom Hearts 3...PS3 Exclusive???...that will give me something to be excited about

Arnon3526d ago

"Didn't Someone say that it had 120 hours of gameplay. Tell me how that would fit on a dvd without minus graphics sound physics etc."

Oblivion AND Fallout 3 have over 100 hours of gameplay AND they most likely have more detail. They both fit on a DVD-9, and Fallout 3 actually performed better.

Is compression just non-existent on this site? Or is it because no one has found a logical use of the blu-ray format for gaming?

ChickeyCantor3526d ago

" s compression just non-existent on this site? Or is it because no one has found a logical use of the blu-ray format for gaming?"

Bubbles, that just made my fuzzy causing me to laugh.

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Godmars2903526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

1) FFvXIII going multi.
2) FFXIII returns as PS3 exclusive because of tech issues as well as disc cost.
3) The FFVII remake is 360-only.
4) Old FFVII~FFIX to be re-released on PSN (Sony's $40 games ?)

Le Idiotce3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

as much as you becoming a famous moviestar or a billionaire.

You have a higher chance of seeing the moon turn green than to see FF7 on 360.

SpoonyRedMage3526d ago

I don't think they own the IP though like Square don't own the IP for Infinite Undiscovery even though they published it.

If anything I can see SE working their way through the FFs up to IX on the DS, they would all be possible I think.

hay3526d ago

Squeenix has dropped one bomb. All their other attendants on any expos and conferences were quite boring. Why awaiting another bomb? Statistically there's higher chance that they'll arrive, fart on their chairs and go back where they came from.
But honestly, I would love to see they announce FF5 and 6(next gen please) remakes or fully blown CT sequel.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3526d ago

*wipes forehead*

was worried they weren't gonna show /sarcasm

Sir Ken_Kutaragi3526d ago

DON'T TELL Micro$oft!!! ;-D
Wonder what they are going to STEAL next???

queerbearandchicken3526d ago

that they are xbox's sluts

and will proceed to take it in the bum by every M$ employee

LeonSKennedy4Life3526d ago

They're going to be next to Microsoft. That can only mean one thing: Final Fantasy XIII footage.

Oh wait...that's extremely boring.

SAiOSiN3526d ago (Edited 3526d ago )

funny how they'll showcase the footage on the ps3 version. unless they change the buttons from x to A, o to B, [] to x, and /\ to Y on screen to make it appear like it's on 360...

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